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6 Delicious Street Food Dishes in Barcelona That Will Make You Salivate NOW

Your hunger pangs will find a home in Barcelona with the best street food

With a wide array of sidewalk cafes in the plaza and the patios, there are so many tables crowding the pedestrians that it becomes difficult to differentiate which belongs to which. Clear by the former statement, Barcelona is indeed a place to eat on the street. With the plethora of population sitting outside and the waiters flocking in and out of the doors, one can spend all his evenings simply sitting in one of the side road establishments drinking alfresco. Though, you will not witness the hot-dog carts, the idea of the ‘street food’, eaten while on the move is not really witnessed in this region, but that doesn’t mean that the region is devoid of street food.

So, to choose now, among the vast plethora of food, here is a list of the best food items, the streets of Barcelona have to offer to you:

1. Churros

One of the most enjoyed snack, Churros- those long, skinny treats that are essentially choux pastry, are dunked into the sugar powder after being fried golden brown. Very easily accessible, you can locate them lying in the snack kiosks, Churrería and cafés, often sold with a cup of thick hot chocolate for dipping purposes. Though, originally an early-morning snack for the working-class men as they headed to their daily jobs, Churros have seen some development over the years. Today’s world witnesses this yummy treat as a must-have for the bunch of tipsy clubbers dancing their nights away and are now counted among the favourites, especially for the young blood. Counted as one of the most favourite Churros joint is the one called Churrería Layetana. Brimming with its old-school charm, littered floors with discarded paper napkins and the sugar and chocolate hung in the air; this is one place you wouldn’t want to miss!

2. Bocadillos

Any list made to show the street food of Barcelona cannot be complete without the indulgence of Bocadillos. One of the most basic recipes in the entire list, the basic ingredients includes just a crusty baguette and then a filling to complete the dish. The common choices for this filling include ham, tortilla (potato omelette) and cheese. Known as the humble Bocadillos, the dish is again an easily accessible and can be found at almost every usual bar, eatery and café, serving almost the perfect park bench meal. If, however the question of best is raised, there is no match to Bó de B. Silently snuggling in the little street near Barceloneta, this place is recognisable by the huge queue of fans lining outside its door.


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3. Pastries

Though pastries are one thing that most of us avoid eating from the culinary backstreets, in Barcelona, we can’t do without one of the best sweet dishes we choose, pastries. Complete with Gràcia’s charming plazas; the benches lining the sides of the square pose as the perfect place to have an impromptu picnic. Now, for that one person we all have in our friend circle who is always craving for sweets, this dish is a paradise and makes up an excellent choice, combined up with the beauty of the surroundings. Finally, coming to the places you can stock up in, A Casa Portuguesa is a small Portuguese bakery and cafe. Kept behind the glass cases, you will find some of the most delicious choices in pastries with the local favourite being pasteles de Belém; a crunchy cover being filled with egg custard with the toping of cinnamon.

4. Horchata

For the days that the mercury levels exceed the quantity of water in the sea, the body requires a respite that is best fetched in the form of Horchateria Sirvent, humbly known as the nectar of gods. Spain is known worldwide for the drink of Horchata, counted as one of the most unique and deliciously refreshing concoctions, made up completely from tiger-nuts, sugar and water. Counted in Barcelona however, there is one place you can try the drink, Horchatería La Valenciana. Founded as early as 1910, the place is monopolised by women on the older decibel. However, this is one place you can simply order a drink, collect your order and find yourself a nearby bench to enjoy the coolness of the drink and fight off the heat in the environment!

5. Paella

If you categorize yourself among the foodies and plan to take a trip to Barcelona, this right here, is one dish you cannot call your visit complete without. A combination of rice and seafood dish, Paella originally takes birth from Valencia. Authentically a dish constituted of beans and meat, the present-day dish observes a variation of shellfish instead of meat. Though, there is no denying that the best kind of Paella is the homemade on. But if you don’t have a relative or a close friend of the Spanish backdrop, the best place to try the dish is at Park Güell, a joint run by Bego and Iván.

6. Bombas

Rooting right into the time of the Spanish Civil War, this is one of the dishes which is as rich in history as it is in flavour and consistency. Deriving its name from the extremely effective, this is counted as one of Barcelona’s most iconic tapas dish. The dish itself is made up of a tennis ball-sized croquette, served with a choice between two different sauces including a white garlic allioli and a spicy red sauce. So, if you want to brag to your friends about the edible piece of Catalan history you ate, this is one dish you shouldn’t miss in your list. But to try such a historical dish, it is important to choose a place with the same charm of the past, hence the best one to try the Bombas in Barcelona La Cova Fumada; one of the oldest hole-in-the-wall located right in the heart of the place.


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