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5 Lakeside vacations in Canada

Undeniably and by all means the land of opportunities, you will be bound to agree with us after your Canadian vacation that this land is blessed with some of the world’s most ethereal holiday spots right in the bosom of Mother Nature. An absolute delight for the people looking for outdoor activities including biking, skiing and trekking, the place is home to a number of unsullied natural beauty spots in the plethora of national parks. If we move away from the ascent and decent, the place is housing the world’s largest series of interconnected fresh water lake, occupying an area of 95,000 square miles!

But as they say, with the advent of options comes the curse of confusion. So to help you choose the best out of the good, here an index of the top 5 lakesides in Canada you can plan your vacation stay near:

1. Lake Louise

Also nicknamed as the lake of little fish, Lake Louise is counted among one of the finest and untainted slices of nature. To really appreciate the entire ethereal beauty of this lake, you would need to take out at least a day or two in the premises, thus making an excellent choice to set camp and dance around bonfire. Though the lake barely covers less than a square mile, it still holds some of the most remarkable trails around its peripheries, including Saddleback Pass, Devil’s Thumb and Big Beehive. If you find yourself to be an enthusiast for the best view of the lake, find your way up to the foot summit of the Fairview Mountain, giving the best placed view of the beauty that is Lake Louise. If you count yourself among the outdoor lovers, the place will be a breath of fresh air, while at the same time providing you some of the most bewitching bike trails and hiking tracks. Aside from this, you will notice a kayak or Canoe, making its way in the crystal blue waters almost all the time in broad day light. All in all, the place will provide you much more than just a treat to your eyes, making it one of the destinations you will regret missing.

2. Peyto Lake

Found on the Ice Fields Parkway, this is counted among some of the best sights in the entirety of the globe. Giving a tough competition to the best of natural photographs, this is one of the best chances to earn the title of the best photographer with the least of the efforts. To get the best view of the lake, you should try to reach to the highest point on Ice Fields Parkways, known as the Bow Summit; though a little busy during the summer months, this will be a paradise for a photographer’s heart. To make the most your region exploration, avoid the large hordes. Instead, you can take a coach lead, set off from the Bow Summit car park and take one of the trails leading to the mountain via foot. For the nature lovers among us, it provides an excellent camping spot, thanks to the brazen jungle surrounding the boundaries.

3. Moraine Lake

A place with an extra dose of natural beauty, Moraine Lake is hard to stand out. However, this spot is the one that can easily be an act of nonchalance. Housed in the most celebrated national parks of Canada, this place is a magnet for the people who enjoy the cold weather and white snow. An ideal winter destination, summer is also kind in this region, gifting it with some of the best colours with a unique combination of trees, mountains and beautiful summer sky, enough to want to make you believe in fairy tales again!The perfect place to try out the new hiking boots that you have been saving for a long time now, it is really on the hike paths that you will learn the real reason Lake Moraine Albert was named so. Lying just 9 miles outside the Lake Louise village, the lake earns itself the title of one of the best spots to set camp and explore the wild face of Canada to its zenith. Complete with its surrounding mountains and radiating blue hues, the valley is one of the most surreal representations of the beauty of Canada!

4. Emerald Lake

If you continue your exploration of the incredible beauty of the landscapes of British Columbia, you will find yourself in the Canadian share of the Rocky Mountains places in the Yoho National Park. Translated from Cree, Yoho actually means Awe and Wonder- a name truly deserving of the landscape surrounding the place. This lake will undoubtedly whet your appetite for the natural beauty of nature and that much awaited freedom from the concrete and crowds. One of the most elemental parts of the park is the Emerald Lake, lake with Emerald water as the name suggests. Placed against the green background, Emerald Lake is one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in Canada. Aside from the eye-candy, Emerald Lake provides the opportunity to canoe, kayak, cycle or hike in the vast expanse of land surrounding its premise.

Rocky Mountains of Canada, lake Annette. The picturesque oval lake with clear water

5. Lake Annette

Counted among one of the best kept secrets of Japer, Lake Annette will give you the feel of an enchanted world within the atmosphere of earth. Though, located in close proximity with the town, the region of Lake Annette is one that inspires solitude. A delight in every weather, this is the kind of lakes we have heard growing up; ones with the spectacular glacial beauty in the backdrop, grassy surroundings and sandy shores everywhere you look, marking its presence on the lake of excellence list. Though the water of the Lake is never really warm and swimming is not exactly an encouraged sport, the lake proves as an excellent way to warm the eyes. If, however, you like to rebel against the rules and want to take a plunge into the waters, the water quality is marked to be clean without any existence of company or concrete residue. With a winning streak in almost all the regions, Lake Annette is one holiday you cannot call your Canada trip complete without.

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