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5 Best love lock destinations in the world other than Paris

Love, the most beautiful and painful emotion in the world, is sure to knock every human’s door. While it leaves a lot in remorse, the ones lucky enough to rejoice it make every possible effort to celebrate it. And when we talk about celebrating love with a holiday, the first thought that comes to the mind is Paris; the magnificient city with the cupid aiming arrows at almost everyone. But for the couples who like to experiment with their travel options and try the less frequented road would think of choosing an offbeat place. Count yourself among one of them? Don’t worry fellow traveller for we have you covered.

To help you choose a unique destination for your love conquests, we have below the list of some of the best love lock destinations in the world:

1. Bali

If romance had to be described in a place, Bali would definitely be synonymous to affection. Evoking thoughts of a paradise, more than a place, Bali is a mood, an aspiration and a tropical state of mind. With a culmination spot of cultures, it is a place which will be like a dive into the different ethnicities of the world. A day in here and your will witness yourself immersed in Kuta with every turn being the reminder of the chaos of the place or the sybaritic pleasures of Seminyak and Kerobokan. If you are less religiously inclined, your time can be utilized in surfing in the brazen beaches of the south, or the day can be spent on the Nusa Lembongan with your loved one.A place suited for the pursuit of solitude and that of crowd, Bali is one isle that can be enjoyed by all kinds of couples. Besides being a blissful sight for the eyes, it is also about the other senses, with almost every other thing igniting a spiritual fire.  All in all, the place is simply an abode that etches your heart forever!

2. Easter Island

There are only a few places in the world that can hold a candle to the mystical charms of the Easter Island. Counted as one of the most isolated places on Earth, being in the region it would be a task feeling connected to the worries of the rest of the world? Worried about the romantic quota of the place? Fear not fellow traveller, for the Easter Island encapsulates all that the modern generation can imagine to be romantic- beaches, sea, mountains and the most surreal sunsets in the entirety of the world! Along with this, you will witness the most logic defying statues on the planet holding close resemblance with moai, creating a magnetic and mysterious vibe for the people who love an adventure. Besides emanating the magical vibe, Easter Island will pose as an open-air museum for outdoor activities including diving, snorkelling and surfing. But if all you want out of your trip with your beloved is to recharge, it can be done on the variety of white sand beckon. Though not a very luxurious destination, it will give you all the space you have been craving from life and the boundations of clocks.

3. Aspen

This is for the couples who promised to love each other till the moon and back, though the altitude doesn’t match. An uber-posh resort town in a remote corner of the Colorado Rockies, the slopes of the place will make sure you slide for right down to its 4000 feet vertical drop. This is the place to be for the people who don’t mind spending money and time. With Victorian-era boarding houses, Aspen serves as the perfect combination of Ivy League brains, fresh powder of snow, live music, Hollywood glam and of course, a huge bank balance. However, aside from this, the place can offer you relaxation in the form of local music festivals peering down into vast depths, or during simply biking around the city. The entire experience depends on the kind of vacation you plan, but the things it can guarantee is warm fires, beautiful snowflakes and an amazing time!

4. Québec City

A slightly more cosmopolitan venture, Québec City is like a stroll down the lane of history. Though Montréal is known around the world for its media connections and commercial expertise, but Québec City has something unique; the soul of the province. The picturesque Old Town of the plane is considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage site, Québec is one of Northern America’s oldest and most-enchanting settlements. A living museum of narrow cobblestone streets, 17th-18th century houses and soaring churches, this place is definitely ringing with the architectural romance with history. Imagine walking hand in hand with your loved one along the sidewalk cafes and the manicured squares absorbing the Old-Europe vibe in every step; can anything be better!

5. Venice

A place having the audacity to build marble palaces on a lagoon, Venice is almost synonymous to enchantment. The romance of civilization to nature, the romance of architecture to history and the love of the taste buds to the amazing gastronomical wonders the place produces. Reflecting the Venetian architecture in its body, the rivers run long into the city like veins providing life to an organism. The Grand Canal, aptly named will be one of the grandest sites one can witness in his lifetime. With countless churches, the sneaky back alleys, priceless marble structure almost at every turn, this place is the living definition of divine beauty. Along with this, what tourists find peculiarly liberating is the typical Venetian fashions donned by the respectable European; try something new and you might start a trend! From the canals used for commutation to the beauty in every other aspect, what stands out about Venice is its originality. They say riding off into the sunset is romantic, think about riding a boat into one?

It’s time to think beyond Paris for a holiday with your beloved! The world has much more to offer beyond Eiffel Tower and the Love Lock Bridge! Don’t agree? Well, see for yourself our five most romantic destinations, ready to take you on a cuddly spree!

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