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5 Best Coffee Shops In The World

If you can’t start your day without the jolt of energy from the coffee beans, then this article is right at your service! The scent of fresh beans is enough to tantalize a long day spent sightseeing. However, most of you set a preconceived notion that no cafe can serve better coffee than your local Starbucks. Wrong! There are shops that are home to the best baristas in the world, who roast and occasionally grow their own beans. So here are our 5 best coffee shops in the world:

1. Truth Coffee Roasting, Cape Town

A popular cafe located in the Buitenkant street, Truth Coffee Roasting was dubbed as the one of the Best Coffee Shops in the world by The Telegraph. Hailing from the world’s oldest coffee capital, this cafe has now specialized in selecting and roasting the most exclusive coffee you can treat your taste-buds by. The decor of the place is “steampunk” based with metal piping and quirky old machinery covering the place from top to bottom. So plan a visit to Cape Town to taste the exquisite coffee; hand-roasted in a vintage cast iron drum.

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2. The Coffee Academics

One of the relatively new additions, the Coffee Academics was inaugurated to the public in 2012. Redefining the roots of coffee making, this cafe is famous for its pedagogical approach globally. Offering their customers with superior speciality coffee experiences, gained by the careful curation of green beans from the finest coffee growing regions, roasting the beans onsite to achieve raw inherent character of coffee completed by meticulous cupping ensuring an adventure your tongue won’t forget easily. Founded by the global entrepreneur, Jennifer Liu, this place today is a gorgeous industrial-chic space which plays a popular haunt for the coffee heads of Hong Kong.

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3. Café Ekberg, Finland

From the newest in the list, let’s jump to one of the oldest addition in the list. Café Ekberg is Finland’s oldest café that also sells delicious baked goods and pastries. It is situated in the midst of the beautiful Boulevard in the city. Though carrying on their historical secrets, the place has been redesigned into a beautiful little cafe with a leisurely ambience. Centrally located, this place is a hub in the region and the coffee devout Finns lobby this place all day long. One of the best combinations here is the black coffee paired along with the champagne cork-shaped sponge cake; a slice of heaven!

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4. La Cafeotheque, Paris

What could be better than the combination of morning and delicious coffee? La Cafeotheque, in Paris is a culmination of three areas, the roasting and sales area, The Coffee Lounge and the School of Caféologie. This place in business since 2005 is today a recognized brand round the globe. Counted as one of the pioneers in artisan coffee among the plethora of cafe’s brimming in the City of Lights, one of the most famous features of the place is its carefully selected single estate varieties. So on your next trip to Paris, don’t forget to sample the black coffee paired with one of the delicious selection of homemade pastries.

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5. Single O', Australia

Formerly known as Single Origin Roasters, the place derived its present name from a bunch of customers who shortened the name in the good Aussie tradition. Having its touch-down in 2003, the place has rocketed over the years and has deservingly earned its name in the list. The cafe, famous for its experimentation, is said to be in a constant state of ‘sourcing, sampling, cupping, roasting, measuring, calibrating, tweaking, blending & tasting.’

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