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15 Useful Spanish Phrases and Words For Every Traveler

Don’t forget to master these words and phrases before you head to any Spain-speaking country

UN celebrates its 6 official languages as an attempt to celebrate multilingualism around the world. And today, it’s the Spanish Language Day at the UN. This beautiful language is spoken in several countries over the globe. But did you know Spanish is the official language not just of Spain, but also of –

1. Argentina

11. Guatemala

2. Bolivia

12. Honduras

3. Chile

13. Mexico

4. Colombia

14. Nicaragua

5. Costa Rica

15. Panama

6. Cuba

16. Paraguay

7. Dominican Republic

17. Peru

8. Ecuador

18. Uruguay

9. El Salvador

19. Venezuela

10. Equatorial Guinea


Long list, eh?

On UN Spanish Language Day, we bring to you a handbook of the most essential Spanish words you need to know before taking a trip to any of these countries!

Simple, isn’t it? All you have to do is save this little list of words or phrases, find yourself a quiet spot and rehearse away. And if you find yourself getting a good hold on Spanish, you should definitely consider taking up an online course. After all, learning a new language is always a good option! And given the long list of countries that speak Spanish, you can check lots of destinations off your list.

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