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10 Thrifty Romantic Getaways

10 Best Romantic Resorts under USD 200/night

Romance + Travel, a blissful experience as it can be, often exceeds the bound of your budget. We all wish for a dreamy holiday with our love, but only if it doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket. So how do we do it?

Well, you are born in the era that relies on a boon called the Internet; so sky is the limit. With a wad of R&D, we have brought for you the most perfect and affordable list of resorts for your romantic sojourn. Here it goes:

1. Kaannapali Ocean Inn, Lahaina, Hawaii

That’s right. An island so extravagant like Maui can get you some amazing deals for a romantic getaway. Right in front of the ocean stands this gorgeous property that takes you back in time to the Hawaiian history. Besides, you can access the private beach property of its opulent sibling – Royal Lahaina Resort.

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2. Vedema Resort, Santorini, Greece

In the heart of the medieval Megalohori village lies Vedema, a century-old mansion turned into an authentic property. It is laced by Vineyards and ancient cellars, giving it a luxurious and intimate charm. It belongs to the Starwood brand, so the members can avail it for peanuts! If you two are wine connoisseurs, Vedema offers unmatched wine tasting sessions in its Canava Bar.

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3. Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA

This 100-year ancient beachfront estate is most righteously called ‘Refuge by the Sea’. There’s nothing too fancy here but you are sure to feel like a GoT couple. It takes you and your loved one to a rustic, romantic ride. There are gorgeous sunsets around this area. You can explore the tide pools just a few steps away from the place.

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4. Dalvay by the Sea, Canada

4. Your vacation becomes all the more gooey when royalty becomes affordable. Built in 1895, this historic ‘mansion’ is now a 26-room cottage. The guest rooms are antiquely furnished with some of them offering spectacular Atlantic Ocean views.

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5. Matamwe Lodge, Zanzibar, Tanzania

These eco-chic beach cottages are home to 12 vibrant villas and 2 pools nestled on a coral cliff. They are exactly opposite to a Conservation Center. Take a dip in the crystal blue waters anytime of the day. This mini resort offers a perfect hideout to couples looking for privacy.

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6. CasaMagna Marriott Purto Vallarta Resort and Spa, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Beachfront rooms, luxury restros and a seafront infinity pool- what more could you hope for at such fair prices? CasaMagna Marriott is sandwiched between the Bay of Banderas and mountains of Sierra Madre, so there’s a lot to explore in the vicinity as well. Spa services here are as invigorating as they could get.

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7. Porto do Zimbo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Well, getting here is a little tricky; take a boat from Salvador. But it’s totally worth the effort. Located on the fourth beach of Sao Paulo is this 16-room mini resort. The area is thickly forested and ideal for the adventure and nature lovers. There are a couple of gardens and an exotic pool. The rooms are comfortable if not exactly luxe.

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8. Portage Resort Hotel, South Island, New Zealand

Vastly secluded from Blenheim is a seaside fern tree forest that nestles this 35-room resort. Don’t judge it by its exterior; you will stand slack-jawed at the silver walls and huge windows. This place entices adrenaline junkies and hedonists alike. You can taste wine, go for a beach walk, try your hands at kayaking, mountain biking and fishing.

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9. Hotel J, Stockholm, Sweden

A 15-minute ferry ride from Central Stockholm takes you to this summerhouse. It’s classically American-yacht style, decorated with blue and white fabrics with canvas sails serving as mats. For seafood lovers, it’s downright utopian.

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10. Devigarh by Lebua, Udaipur

Indulge in luxury while on your sojourn to the incredible India. The land of rulers, Rajasthan, offers you an 18-century cliff-top palace hotel with a stunning black marble pool and excellent sunset views atop the Aravalli range.

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Well you have enough for the next 5 years! So don’t waste your time and give your partner a romantic surprise. Bon Voyage!

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