Best Places to Stay in Zurich

Best Places to Stay in Zurich

Best Place to Stay in Zurich

A culturally vibrant place, Zürich is one of the most liveable places in the world. Placed on a vantage point on the confluence of a river and a lake, the city is one of the best places to experience the beauty of both nature and architecture. Initially known as a savvy, hardworking financial centre, the present day witnesses Zürich as Switzerland’s largest and wealthiest metropolis, in addition to it being the hippest destination in Europe. Another aspect of the place is the wealth of the place in historical terms, complete with its winding lanes and tall church steeples.

In a place that is considered to be most liveable in the world, the accommodation is good all over its territory. If, however, you want the best out of good, here is a virtual tour of the top 3 areas for accommodation for a tourist in Zurich:

1. Lindenhof

Located on the western end of the Limmat River, Lindenhof presents as one of the most elemental parts of the old town. Snuggled up in the heart of Lindenhof is a small hilly area, providing you some of the most spectacular views over Niederdorf, serving as a meeting base for the ancient cities of Zurich. The place is made up of a labyrinth of alleys and streets brimming with shops of almost all kinds and some of the restaurants serving the most elementally local cuisine. This neighbourhood in Zurich plays as the perfect destination for people looking for an ideal combination of peace and connectivity with the main city. Marking the boundary of district of Lindenhof is Bahnhofstrasse, counted as one of the world's most famous shopping road, making Lindenhof a perfect shopping destination for the friends back home.

2. Seefeld

Counted as one of the most famous areas in the region to find a roof, Seefeld is the perfect equation of popular and peaceful. With more and more people shifting to the place, some of the natives worry that the charm of the place will be disturbed if the area's original inhabitants get overpowered. One of the most costly places for tourist lodging, to cater to the new residents and tourists flooding from around the globe, the streets in this district is lined with trendy cafes and restaurants. One of the most popular attractions in the region is the lake, featuring a gorgeous promenade with boat rentals and two swimming spots. Book the best hotels in Zurich near this neighbourhood.

3. Zürich West

Counted as one of the fastest developing, Zürich West, initially an industrial part of the city, today is rapidly changing into a new business and residential arena. The place sprouting with new construction all around the region is one of the most prominent in terms of development of the region. Counted as one of entertaining districts, Zurich west is brimming with bars, restaurants and clubs springing up like mushrooms. Though a coming up neighbourhood, Zürich West is one of the most wanted in the list of property sightings and land holdings in the long term. To cater to the bubbling tourists who look for a temporary place to stay in Zurich, this place offers a number of good hotels and hostels.

In a place where everywhere is as good as anywhere, to make sure you find the diamond among the crystals, take out your notepad and make notes folks!