Best Places to Stay in Zagreb

Best Places to Stay in Zagreb

Best Place to Stay in Zagreb

Zagreb is a fairly walkable city that is replete with culture, history, architecture, food and shopping! The beautiful Croatian capital hosts a considerable selection of hotels in its Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and Donji Grad (Downtown) areas. Unlike most coastal areas, accommodations in Zagreb remain fairly priced throughout the year.

So if you are planning a vacation to this magical town in the heart of Europe, try one of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Zagreb:

1. City Center

Zagreb is a quaint, historic coastal town that is popular for its authentic charm. Most of the tourist attractions in Zagreb rest in the City Center. Hence, it is best to base yourself in or around the Jelacic Square in the Donji Grad area. Visit museums and galleries, shop around in the main area, enjoy a delicious seafood meal at one of the countless restaurants and finally wind up the day in one of the bars in Zagreb. Despite being the main spot of the town, City Center boasts accommodation for all pocket-sizes. From opulent 5 stars to the budget hotels, this locality in Zagreb offers the best hotels.

2. Glavni Kolodvor

This is the main train station of Zagreb city. Located on the southern end of Central Zagreb, it lets you enjoy the perks of living in a quiet place while enjoying all the main attractions at walking distance. This neighborhood offers many beautiful parks and restaurants to explore. Overall, Zagreb is a small city, the major attractions of which can be explored on foot. Tram and bus connectivity is excellent, posing no hassles in commutation. Make sure to station yourself to the north of Train station; it has plenteous hotels and hostels at fair prices.

3. Novi Zagreb

If this isn’t your first visit to Zagreb, then you would be a little less interested in exploring the touristy spots and main attractions of Zagreb. Novi Zagreb then plays a perfect place to rub shoulders with the locals and actually ‘live’ the city. This district lies to the south of the Sava River and is closely stationed to the airport. You can rent from the countless private accommodations here that are well connected to the main area. Its post-war construction boasts neither any medieval architecture, nor any quaint, historical buildings. But still the place has a lot of gritty charm to it.

Whichever part you stay in, don’t miss out a visit to the Dolac Market, besides other main spots. This enchanting open-air market is well-loved by the locals and is an excellent spot for people-watching.