Best Places to Stay in Warsaw

Best Places to Stay in Warsaw

Best Place to Stay in Warsaw

Warsaw is the greatest survival story of all times. After the wrath of World War II, Warsaw’s resurrection worked in its favor, giving way to a number of neighborhood and landmarks to unwind. From the Jewish Ghetto tragedy to the joyful Chopin’s music, explore it all in its maze of alleys and museums.

So if you are planning to visit the Polish capital, base yourself at the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Warsaw. From affluent, full-service business hotels to quirky lodgings, to all things cheap- Warsaw offers everything your budget and type can hope for:

1. Stare Miasto (Old Town)

This part is stereotypical of most European medieval cities that pull a lot of tourists- a historic centre rested in the oldest part of the Polish city. Postcard-perfect plazas and cobblestone alleyways fill the place with a lot of antique charm. Popular tourist attractions in Warsaw like the Grand Theatre, St. John’s Cathedral and the Royal Castle and many eminent museums lie in this area. The square right next to the Royal Castle hosts abundant restaurants, cafes, bars and shops in it. People –watching can best be practiced in this part of Warsaw, where locals and tourists march day and night for work and leisure. Accommodations range from family-run hotels to contempo apartments.

2. Lazienki

A bathing pavilion was once located in this lush area, which later got redesigned by the last Polish king. This pleasant part of Warsaw owes its charm to the grand Lazienki Park. The White House, the Chopin House and the magnificent Palace on the Water are the main attractions of this area. From the city center, Lazienki is a short walk, hence things like the Royal Route and the Constitution Square can be reached at the blink of an eye. Try for an accommodation facing the park or the wonderful lake in it to get the best views in Warsaw.

3. Wola

The transformation of Wola from being an industrial district to the commercial center of Warsaw has brought it to limelight in the recent years. The famous Warsaw Rising Museum, a museum narrating the saga of World War II and insurgency, lies in this very neighborhood. Other than that, the area is replete with art galleries, theatres and cinema to keep the family travelers entertained. Accommodations range from extravagant to pocket-friendly, housing a number of popular restaurants serving authentic American and local cuisines.

Warsaw is an overdose of history, and unlike other European towns, it is not just concentrated to the Old market square. The entire city has so much to offer between the gothic restoration, concrete communism and diverse architecture.