Best Places to Stay in Vilnius

Best Places to Stay in Vilnius

Best Place to Stay in Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania’s cool and compact capital, houses Europe’s largest Old Town in its heart! The diverse and baroque beauty of the Baltic is the primary reason why tourists are drawn to this country like moth to a flame. Its ever-rising popularity is backed by an excellent sense of history, a bustling café culture and a bewitching architectural heritage. And what’s even more alluring about it? Despite the teeny size of a village, Vilnius is a heady mix of what seems like infinite cobbled streets, crumbling corners, breakaway states, traditional artists’ workshops and majestic hilltop views! Despite the pain it suffered during Hitler times, the city stands out to be a living example of shiny new skyscrapers, a burgeoning international gastronomy and a revelling nightlife.

Eye-catching graffiti, a perfect meld of hill and plains, impeccable craft beers and of course, excellent architecture, Vilnius is ideal for any kind of traveller. And a cherry on top is that it’s dirt cheap! So, when you have finally made up your mind to explore this rather underrated city, here is a little help with where to stay in Vilnius. Check out these top 3 neighbourhoods for accommodation for a tourist in Vilnius:

1. Old Town

An obvious choice especially when you are visiting the most enormous medieval cities of Europe, Old Town renders you extended and multifaceted way to experience the city. The most famous landmark here is the Vilnius University, around which rest many old churches, fancy restaurants and informative museums. In spring season, this neighbourhood in Vilnius hosts the Kaziukas Fair. Seeking an accommodation right in the heart of the city is obviously a great choice, especially for the first-time travellers or people who are time-crunched. Hotels and apartments here are very beautiful from architectural point of view. The only and most major drawback of finding a base in this district is that being so largely frequented by the tourists, this area is always noisy and loud. So, if you are a light sleeper, prefer to book a stay to the west of the main square.

2. Antakalnis District

One of the largest neighbourhoods situated right beside the Neris River, surrounded by 4 lakes and a forest, Antakalnis is one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Vilnius. A mecca for nature lovers, Antakalnis owes its touristy popularity to the baroque interiors of St. Peter and Paul Church, Sapiega Palace, The Palace Church of the Saviour and many such other hidden secrets. Being in close proximity to a number of eateries and shops, besides the famous Vileisis Palace also renders it adequate fame. But most of all, it is most dearly loved by joggers and couples seeking some peaceful long walks.

3. Zverynas

The most affluent neighbourhood in Vilnius boasting countless private houses and abundant green space, Zverynas is a calm and serene space located right next to the centre of Vilnius. Visitors who love being stationed close to an action-packed area, but also prefer a peaceful and quiet night of sleep, have this one as a top-rater on their list. Vingio Parkas, the most frequented and spacious park in Vilnius is stationed right next to Zverynas. Again, the jog and walk lovers who find peace in trees swaying and birds chirping flock in hordes to this side of the city. Also, visit the Vilnius University Botanical Garden, an educational experience for the little ones!

To experience the full potential of a city so amazingly endowed as Vilnius, make sure you first research into its many fascinating neighbourhoods and then take your pick! Happy Travels!!