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Best places to stay in Vienna

Where to stay in Vienna?:

Vienna is a city class apart, with the baroque architecture, elegant Kaffeehauser (coffee houses), contemporary art and new aspects into drinking and dining. The city knows well how to hold on to its traditions while continuing to be on the front burner. So you get to see an eclectic mix of high-end fashion Dirndls to handmade doughnuts in neoretro cafes. So as you travel across this face of Europe, base yourself in one of the top 3 places to stay in Vienna:

Innerestadt one of the best places to stay in Vienna
1. Innerestadt

Innerestadt or Central Vienna is the heart of the city with the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ringstrasse circling it. It has a typical European small town feel with a maze of cobblestone alleys lined with cafes, restaurants and bars. Stephansplaz is the main square here, with Hofburg Palace’s gilded state apartments pulling a lot of tourists. Ride on a horse-drawn Fiaker (Carriage) as you skim through the gothic St. Stephens Cathedral rising above the lanes. Music buffs never miss out on Vienna State Opera after dark. Specialty shops on Gabren and Karntner Strasse draw many patrons looking for authentic stuff.

2. Leopoldstadt

Leafy Leopoldstadt is separated from Innerestadt by the Danube Canal and connected to the same by many pedestrian bridges. It runs from the city center all the way to Danube in northeast Vienna. Prater Public Park, the largest green space in Vienna is the greatest crowd-magnet with its chestnut-shaded gardens and beer gardens. The famous Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel lies in the inner Leopoldstadt, while the waterfront sandy areas house a large number of cafes and beach bars. For travelers, this neighborhood is one of the best places to stay in Vienna. It’s centrally located, but enough aloof to keep the traffic and noise away.

Leopoldstadt one of the best areas to stay in Vienna
Schleifmuhlgasse one of the best places for accommodation in Vienna
3. Schleifmuhlgasse

Go south of Innerestadt and you reach Schleifmuhlgasse, an insanely happening neighborhood brimming with art galleries, trendy restaurants, boutique stores, whiskey bars and flower shops. The ever famous shopping avenue called Mariahilferstrasse, replete with top-notch designers and brands, runs through this neighborhood. Vienna’s main Train Station Wien Westbahnhof is in close proximity to Schleifmuhlgasse, besides the most popular open-air bazaar of Naschmarkt. For budget travelers, this Bezirke (district) in Vienna is the best place to stay.

Whether you wish to gaze at the medieval architecture, or stroll along the Danube waterfront, you choice of stay in Vienna will help you get the bang for your buck! So take your pick and go Europe!