Best Places to Stay in Vancouver

Best Places to Stay in Vancouver

Best Place to Stay in Vancover

Renowned for its natural wealth and beautiful cultural diversity for thousands of years, the Coast Salish people called the Vancouver we see today, their home. This single aspect makes sure that Vancouver is one of the most historically and visually beautiful cities, with the culture in the region rooted for the deep respect for nature, cultural traditions and spirituality all tightly woven together in one knot, and that is the one thing unique that the city has to offer to you! With a beautiful region as this one, the next question rises as to what you can experience and what you can explore- simply everything! Top spots for the exploration drive include downtown's Stanley Park, the one famous for its old-growth cedar forests surrounded by water views and sandy beaches, and of course the beautiful Granville Island Public Market.

Though, to find a place that could fit in all aspects of your checklist is one of the toughest task in the region and often people find themselves stuck in the region they have to 'settle for'. Hence, to give you that guidance, here is the list of the best neighborhoods in Vancouver to find accommodation:

1. Coal harbor

Against the image that the name brings to the mind, Coal Harbor is one of the best neighborhoods in the region to find a roof. A surprisingly calm neighborhood in Vancouver, Coal harbor is one of the most beautiful regions in the city, lined up by the water's edge, making it one of the best areas to witness the sunrise and sunset. Another surprising aspect of this district is the wealth of history in here, with an interesting story of it being a shipyard with the remnants of the ships still decorating the beautiful lands in the region. Especially for the tourists, it is a source of interest, being a charming mix of residential and business, it is also the home to the Vancouver Convention Centre, making it one of the best neighborhoods to find an accommodation in. Another aspect of Coal Harbor which sets it apart is it being home to the intermingling of the locals and the visitors while basking in the beauty of its sea wall, neighbourhood cafes and restaurants, a popular marina, and the odd harbor seal bobbing around and greeting passersby.

2. Punjabi Market

Home to all the Punjabi immigrants, this is one place that will find a lot of people who moved in the region in the past, with a wide collection of stories. This five-block stretch along with the main Street is one of the main regions, giving you an access to the best areas in the place to find a home, and giving you the perfect transportation and communion. Along with this, this area also renders you the perfect community feeling, with the excessive diversity molding it into one simple collage of humans living together as one.

3. West end

Counted among one of the easiest neighborhoods for the visitors to explore, West end provides you more than just simple ease. As the name suggests, the place is quietly tucked in the western end, circumscribed by the park on the Eastern end and the English Bay, Granville and of course Robson streets. With beautiful forestry in the region, this is one of the most preferable regions for the ones who like to shed the crowd and snuggle up in the embrace of the nature.

Finding a stay in Vancouver is one thing that no guide book can help you with, and without research there will always be a chance for an unsuccessful stay. To make sure that you take the informed decision, match your list with ours!