Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Valencia

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Valencia

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Valencia

The city of Valencia is an art of work created by god, and humankind left no stone unturned to create this place into a futuristic heaven! Spain’s third largest city, Valencia is a magnificent tourist spot in the country. Never afraid to innovate, Valencia turned its flood-prone river into a glorious green ribbon of park, which now is home to some of the strikingly futuristic buildings. It could be art, science history, food or fun that pleases you, Valencia has everything to serve you. From museums hi-tech theatres, there is a lot do and see in the city of Valencia.

So if you are planning to unravel this face of Spain, you must choose a place to stay in Valencia very wisely. And to help you with the task, here are some of the best neighborhoods to find an accommodation in Valencia:

1. Old town

The Old town District represents the heart and soul of the city as most of the major attractions are found in this part of Valencia. This district in Valencia is ghastly diverse; you could write down a long list of what to do and see in the Old Town. Starting off with the Valencia Cathedral, which is one of the tallest buildings in the city and where you can climb the tower to get some excellent vista of the city. The architecture of the cathedral is influenced by gothic, neoclassic and baroque styles, making it an amazing historic artifact to look at. If you are looking for more history, head on to Serranos Towers, which is one of the largest gothic getaways in Europe and was once put to use in City's fortification. Another outstanding religious masterpiece is the San Juan del hospital, built in the 13th century, and is one of the oldest of its kind in the city. Also, there are many museums in the area if you aren't done taking in the days of yore of Valencia, including the Valencia History Museum. And now after all this education in mind, you can head for a bit of shopping in the Central Market. Find some best places to shop here. A market named Lonja is home to ancient local silk trade and is also a UNESCO landmark. Time to binge? You could visit any street for delicious and local Paella, which would be a crime to miss out on when in Valencia. Staying in this area is very convenient because you can find hotels all over the city center. The old town is the best area in Valencia to get the essence of the city.

2. L' Eixample

This district is a real treat to all the visitors of Valencia. The area is second to none when talked about tourist attractions in Valencia. In this district, you will find many stately buildings, places, and modern structures. Running through the heart of Valencia is the dried out river beds of River Turia where you get to witness the City of Arts and Sciences Center. This tourist spot in Valencia consists of mainly four buildings, The Hemispheric( an IMAX cinema), the science museum, the Palacio de las Artes and the Oceanographic, which is Europe's largest aquarium with over 45000 individuals of 500 different species. Truly a wonder by humankind, all these buildings are sure to leave you awestruck and it wouldn't be a surprise if you turned into a kid around this amazing build man-made creations! Some other great attractions are La Casa Los Dragones( house of the dragons), Basilica de San Vicente Ferr, Casta Ortega and many more. Let's sum this up in this way, your eyes may get tired watching all the attractions at a stretch but the list wouldn't get over!

3. Poblados

This area is the best to stay in Valencia as some of the best hotels in Valencia are found in Poblados, which hugs the coastline and provides some of the most beautiful views in Valencia. Here, you will experience much more than a calm and laid back atmosphere. Walk to the brilliant sandy beaches or maybe head to Valencia Street Circuit and Aquarium. The promenade has an array of restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines, where you could probably hang out after a long day.

The city of Valencia is a science fiction, let your inner kid out wild and experience the true essence of Espanol here! Feliz Viaje!!