Best Places to Stay in Ushuaia

Best Places to Stay in Ushuaia

Best Place to Stay in Ushuaia

Ever been bitten by a travel bug? If not, Ushuaia will offer you an ideal exprerience! The perfect definition of a tranquil and soothing stay; Ushuaia welcomes you to its travel throne. Being the southernmost city in the world nearest to the South Pole, penguins waving at you from a distance, Ushuaia holds the key to people’s hearts. A great tourist hub, this city has a keen interest in Football, Ice Hockey and Skiing. Surrounded by Sub Polar forests, Ushuaia sprinkles a touch of nature’s beauty in true sense. Intertwined with restaurants and casinos, the city fits the category of a perfect place to explore!

With a bright smile, a pounding heart and a selfie stick, get to explore the culture of Ushuaia. The city offers adventure and somehow manages to disprove its title: ‘End of the World’ with its incredbile destinations to visit which will offer you a home like feel throughout. On the other side, it is a mini version of Antarctica. If you want to flaunt your personal snowman and indulge in some memorable snow fights with your friends, Ushuaia is the place for you! So as you begin your sojourn to this heavenly charn, here are three places handpicked for you to stay in and have the real taste of Argentina:

1. Av. San Martin

Right next to the heart of the city is San Martin, the most popular street of Ushuaia. A haven for shopaholics, travellers and revellers, this place is lined with hotels, restros, cafes and nightclubs. Due to its central location, the accommodations here are expensive annd heavy on the pocket. With all the major touristy spots being in close proximity to San Martin, this area in Ushuaia becomes all the more desirable.

2. Av. Maipu

Housing all the major tourist attractions within the walking distance, Av. Maipu is as adored by travellers as San Martin. Even closer to the shore than Martin, this neighbourhood in Ushuaia houses rather more desired accommodations for tourists. Plus, the fact that it houses the main bus station of Ushuaia renders it a more transportation-convenient outlook. Whether you wish to shop till you drop, dance till the sun goes up or simply enjoy the goregous vistas of the mountains and the seas, this neighbourhoods give it all!

3. RN3

This picturesque road in close proximity to the airport houses many budget friendly boutiques, hostels and B&B accommodations. Situated very close to the sea, you can get rooms featuring excellent vistas from the balcony. This area maybe a little farther from the city centre than the aforementioned areas, but is a good option if you are Ushuaia just as a transit port.

Hiking, adventure cruises, kayaking, horse riding, mountaineering, ski touring, fishing, white water rafting and mountain biking are some major highlights of this beautiful city covered in icy mountains. As scintillating as it gets all throughout the year, Ushuaia will never cease to amaze you with its aura and faces. So just pack your bags, get to travel and wander around this mini version of Antarcita and don’t forget to carry some nice warm outfits for adding convinience to your stay. Merry stay! Merry touring!