Best Places to Stay in Toronto

Best Places to Stay in Toronto

Best Place to Stay in Toronto

The housing place of the most dynamic mix of tourist attractions and the business buildings, Toronto is the largest city in the gorgeous country of Canada! A complete package of tourist attractions boasting museums and galleries right up to the famous business ventures in architecture including the famous CN tower, this place offers you a vibrant Entertainment District, featuring the latest musicals and the other forms of performing arts. Along with this, Toronto is also a historically fulfilling city with the beautiful Distillery District placed up right in the heart of its premises. The centre of the city is easily navigable by foot, with the top attractions placed within the walking distance of everything; for further ones, there is a well oiled subway system in function for the coverage of longer distances.

However, one of the major challenges in the Toronto region is to find a place you can take a roof under. In lieu of its dynamic structure, people often get confused about what they want in the region. To help you make an informed choice, here is the list of the top neighbourhoods in the region to find accommodations in Toronto:

1. Lawrence Park North

Circumscribed by the Lawrence Avenue to the south and the Teddington Park Avenue towards the northern side, this is the region with the highest scored on the criteria including health, education, parks and of course pedestrian lifestyle. Located right in the heart of the place, it is an affluent neighborhood in Toronto, of young families and some of the post-retirement citizens, where the random acts of kindness are common and the neighbors are on the first-name basis. Even for the people who are looking for a long term accommodation are welcomed with open arms in the city, making it an excellent choice for the city dwellers. Along with this, the place is best for the people who wish to roam around, making it earn its place to the top of the list.

2. Bedford Park-Nortown

Taking up one of the largest swath in the Northern York region, Bedford Park-Nortown is one of the favorite settling regions in the area for the localities as well as the tourists. The place is based on a zigzag pattern that features Coldstream/Glenview avenues, Hillhurst Boulevard, and obviously the Brooke Avenue to the south. Along with that it will also present you with the additional beauty of the Proudfoot Avenue, Elm Road and Yonge Street to the eastern end of the peripheries. In addition to that, Bedford Park is laden with green spaces, considering the position of all the people who enjoy their times outdoors. A beautiful society, an amazing view and a brilliant residential program, this is one place you just can’t get enough of!

3. Waterfront Communities

Bounded in the lap of the Queen and the Front streets to the north and the southern region of the place is shared by the Southern Tip of the Toronto Islands. This region has witnessed a latest condo boom since the last few years, making it one of the preferable places to find accommodation in the region when coupled with the ever-happening revitalization of Toronto's waterfront. Waterfront Communities are also laden with the beautiful sites including the Toronto Island Park, the CN tower, and if you plan your trip well, you might even witness the Toronto Film Festival!

In a place as dynamic as the city of Toronto, if you are able to find a suitable temporary base, you, fellow traveler have unlocked the secret of travelling. Hence, the aid you require to make an informed decision, can be found in the list above, make sure to match the contents carefully! Safe Travels!