Top 3 places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Tokyo

Top 3 places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Tokyo

Top 3 places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Tokyo

Tokyo, the affluent and vastly populated capital of Japan, also known as “The Land of the Rising Sun”, is also one of the biggest and most engaged metropolitan cities of the world. Characterized by tall skyscrapers to state of the art temples, the city fails to disappoint any kind of traveler. Theatrical performances and stage plays take you on a different journey, with the latest trends in fashion and pop culture being easily evident in the local style. Not to mention the Japanese cuisine, one to eat your heart out for. From world famous Sushi to traditional grilled chicken, the city is a gourmands’ mecca!

Boarding taxis is hell lot of expensive in Tokyo. So one might prefer staying in areas where less commute is required. Following are the best places to stay for first time tourists:

1. Shinjuku

Housing the world’s busiest railway station, Shinjuku is a place endeared by travellers who prefer easy access to all things touristy. Giving a scenic view of how much Japan has developed in terms of science and technology, the area’s neon lit buildings give a science, fiction themed aura. Electronic shops flaunting the latest technology can be found at every juncture, making this district in Tokyo a gamer’s paradise. Kabukicho, a place northeast to subway station, has the best subterranean malls and a Kabuki theatre, having such performances that leave the gazers in awe. Want some fresh air to breathe? Well, Shinjuku Gyoen is at your service. Giving one of the best parks and cherry blossom views, it is a popular flocking location. Besides all this, Shinjuku has a local vibe to it embarked by street hawkers and food stalls.

2. Ginza

Ginza has the reputation of being a classy area in Tokyo. A modern day tourist hub, it daunts the biggest brands and luxurious paraphernalia. Finding a place in budget can be a task, but take my word, it is worth a shot! A haven of pedestrians, entry of vehicles is not allowed on the main streets on weekends. Tiny restaurants spread everywhere to satisfy your hunger, Ginza is that part of the city where people prefer to be well dressed and display social etiquettes and manners. The well-lit buildings tend to enhance the feel of shopping and pursue shopaholics to cheat on one’s budget. For people travelling with families, this is a place several light years away from boredom!

3. Chiyoda

Are you a lazy traveller? Well Chiyoda is your second home. Being one of the quietest areas, this part of central Tokyo prefers to keep a low-key profile. Home to the Emperor of Japan, the Imperial Palace is what grabs a tourist’s attention. Budget places to stay as well as luxurious hotels with massage parlours and heart endearing restaurants are readily available. To ease your commutation hassles, the Tokyo Station is a multi-storeyed mall based in close proximity to Chiyoda. It is a place from where whole Tokyo is accessible with the plus point of finding a good night’s sleep.

Tokyo, though infamous for being way to pricey and out of budget, you can actually get the bang for your buck, if you plan wisely.