Best Places to Stay in Tallinn

Best Places to Stay in Tallinn

Best Place to Stay in Tallinn

One of the most charming cities in Europe, Tallinn the capital city of Estonia boasts a mix of rich culture and beautiful architecture! A first rate among the partygoers, Estonia has successfully earned itself a reputation of being a ‘Party Capital of Northern Europe’ mostly for its vast number of bars and clubs that flood each and every nook and corner of the city. It is one of the few towns that were almost untouched by war and still behold a well-preserved community with wooden houses, brightly coloured buildings, and beaches & forests, making it a fascinating city for explorers and adventure seekers.

Having a small geographical area doesn’t restrict Tallinn, as it still offers a plenty of choices for everything, be it restaurants, cafes, museums, bars, or accommodation facilities. With every neighbourhood here having something unique to offer, Tallinn turns out to pose great confusions to travellers seeking a holiday here. So, following are some of the most popular neighbourhoods best suited for accommodation in Tallinn:

1. Old Town

The historical neighbourhood of Tallinn, Old Town is the most visited area by locals and tourists alike. The sea of gabled houses, half-hidden courtyards, and magnificent churches brings a unique allure to the whole neighbourhood. Here is an ideal balance between the historic heritage and modern-day culture that defines Tallinn perfectly. Mostly enclosed within an almost intact city wall and marked with multiple guard towers lend it a certain kind of fairy tale charm, something that definitely makes for good clicks! Nightlife here is also worth boasting, with an eclectic mix of bars and clubs, thus making it one of the best neighbourhoods to find an accommodation in Tallinn. With numerable options available for every budget, Old Town is where most tourists prefer to stay.

2. City Centre

A stone’s throw away from Old Town resides the historical City Centre of Tallinn. A neighbourhood of interesting contrasts, City Centre is a home to many medieval churches huddled between the skyscrapers of the city. This neighbourhood in Tallinn also has plenty of major landmarks that are conveniently located close to each other, thus making your sightseeing process a lot easier. The Rotermann Square provides you with a wide variety of leisurely cafes and restaurants, serving multiple cuisines and shopping areas selling Estonian wares. Having some really amazing options that are light on pocket, this neighbourhood makes an excellent choice for backpackers and students. Due to its central location, the area is full of life with more than enough options for food, shopping, and parties making it a wholesome package for travellers to Tallinn.

3. Kalamaja

The fastest developing urban area in the city, Kalamaja is the new hip and trendy place for bohemian souls. Dubbed as the ‘Hipsterville’ of Tallinn, this colourful district is dotted with wooden houses and museums. A lot less touristy place, this area was once dominated by fisherman that has now completely changed into an urban space with chic cafes, restaurants, and a lot of backpackers and hipsters. Most of the students live here in Kalamaja, making it a reason why this neighbourhood never sleeps. Having a versatile nightlife, this hipster neighbourhood is an ideal alternative for anyone who is here to party in Estonian style. Having more than enough economic and luxurious hotels as well as apartments to stay, Kalamaja makes for pretty convenient location to traverse in the city itself.

Enjoy this quaint European town and a quick tip- the best way to experience this town is by walking. Happy Journey!