Best Places to Stay in Sydney

Best Places to Stay in Sydney

Best Place to Stay in Sydney

Sydney, the Australian jewel and the capital of New South Wales, is one of the most visited cities in the world. Popularly known as “Harbor city” for miles and miles long ocean coastline, it makes a vastly frequented beaching hotspot for both locals and tourists. People from all around the world can be seen crashing under the beach sun to get some famous Australian suntan. Sydney, as a whole is not exactly humongous, but the indigenous suburbs have made it bigger and more culturally diverse since rapid immigration. From the expansive scenic beauty to the impeccably mouth-watering and taste buds tickling cuisine, there is not a thing that Sydney falls short in. The city flaunts its architecture in the form of Sydney Opera House and its cultural diversity in terms of American and Chinese settlements. It can truly be a maze for someone new in the city. So to ease your accommodation stress, following are the top 3 areas for accommodation for a tourist in Sydney:

1. The Rocks

The Rocks literally was the place where the rocks for Australian settlement started getting laid. The Harbour Bridge is in close proximity to the rocky beds. For people having time up their sleeves do take a three and half hour climb up the bridge where the whole town is visible and people seem just like tiny ants squandering on roads. The Sydney Opera House which is a multi arts performing venue famous for its structure representing the petals of lotus flower floating in the ocean, is in close proximity to the Rocks and can be reached via a small ferry ride. There are many hotels in the area both luxurious and under budget which offer beautiful panoramic views of Sydney that will make your eyes pop out.

2. Central business district

The Central Business District, commonly abbreviated as CBD, is the heart of the city and centre of all commotion and business trades. In the early hours, people can be seen scurrying to their offices with a latte in one hand and a sandwich in the other. For people big on bucks, there are countless lavish stays serving top notch facilities in the grandest of hotel chains. It is ghastly close to subway with many shopping centers located within walking distance, so Ladies attack!

3. Darling harbor

Darling harbor was once a fully functional, central port of Sydney. But now, it is nothing beyond a family picnic spot. Having said this, be prepared to encounter loads and loads of people in this crowded neighborhood in Sydney. This lush green area, a little devoid of the noisy city feel and perfect for a getaway for those who don't have time to leave the city, is a heaven for peace seekers. The most frequented place here is The Sydney Aquarium featuring a live shark viewing cage! Moreover, the aquarium has more than 13000 fish species and other water creatures to add to the charm.