Best Places to Stay in Split

Best Places to Stay in Split

Best Place to Stay in Split

Split, the vibrant port town of the Adriatic circumscribed in stunning mountains and sea, was earlier nothing more than a stepping stone to the other Dalmatian Islands. But this evolved era of unprecedented traveling has brought this historic town to limelight, thus solving the problem of Where to Stay in Split.

With that, a large number of resorts, chic heritage hotels and boutique hotels have mushroomed. Check out these top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Split:

1. Bacvice

Bacvice (Pronounced Batch Vitz Uh) is a woodsy neighborhood edging like a protective cove with a sandy beach. There is a modern complex at the head of the cove exhibiting drinking, dining and entertainment options. Bacvice is replete with trendy cocktail bars, hip restros and cinemas. The area has great connectivity to bus, train and ferry terminals; you can plan day trips if stationed in Bacvice. The greatly popular Bacvice beach rests in the heart of the city, drawing audience from all age groups. The shallow waters make it an ideal islet for kids’ activities. For party animals, there is no better base than Bacvice.

2. Radunica

Sprawling east of the Diocletian Palace is Radunica, a historic neighborhood that was earlier a travelers’ haven. This area is in close proximity to the beach as well as the Palace. Mostly a residential district, you can access many budget hotels in this locality, while basing yourself closely to all the touristy spots. During festive time in the last week of June when ‘Days of Radunica’ comes to life in Split, this place bustles with locals and tourists alike.

3. Veli Varos

Veli Varos, one of the oldest suburbs of Split boasts its ancient-ness with the Marjan hill above. The aptly preserved local architecture and ambience brings you the best views in Split from Prva Vidilca (First Peak). The famous Church of St. Mikula, Church of Our Lady Soca, the Holy Cross and St. Francis are worth a visit too. Earlier a fishermen’s cove, the area now houses some really pricey real estate properties. Veli Varos is an easy walk from the heart of the city, Diocletian Palace. It is an ideal place for the city explorers, albeit beach lovers may take much more time to hit the waters.

The overall vibe of Split is extremely informal and laid-back. Sports and outdoor activities rule the minds here instead of high culture and pomp n show. Try a game of Picigin, a local beach sport originated and widely popular here.