Best Places to Stay in Skopje

Best Places to Stay in Skopje

Best Place to Stay in Skopje

Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia, is wrapped in artistic and beautiful views on the outside and a cultural, delicious and serene gift in the inside! Skopje is a city surrounded by 3 mountains, a luscious area where it’s all about food, traditions and culture. From the grandeur beauty of kale fortress to Memorial House of Mother, every site in Skopje defines the artistic history that it holds. It’s not just about historical architecture in Skopje, but one can also explore nature when in this beautiful city. Matka Canyon lake, a sure marvel testifies to the natural endowments of the city. And if you are left with some time, don’t forget to check out the newly built ‘Skopje 2014’.

Where ever you find yourself in this city, you are at the right place, because that’s how Skopje is! But what compliments a great trip, is a great area to put up at. Keeping this in mind, here are top 3 areas for accommodation for a tourist in Skopje:

1. Debar Maalo

Skopje’s Bohemian Neighborhood, Debar Maloo is a 10- minute walk from the main square, but a world away. In this area, you will experience a completely different vibe than the other parts of the city. With a laid- back atmosphere, you get to discover the local life of Skopje in Debar Maalo. One thing that makes its ideal to put up at is that the spot is very close to the city Centre, yet it feels very isolated from the hustle bustle of the main areas. And if you are a foodie, this place hosts the best restaurants of the town, plus, you also find a number of local bistros known as Kafkas. Just find a place to put up at in this area, grab a bite and set off to look around the city!

2. Old Bazaar

Old Bazaar is the heart of Skopje, it has versatility and explicitness of its own kind. No matter what kind of a person you are, the area has something to offer to everyone. Despite being the survivor of many wars, the area continues to stand a symbol of cosmopolitism of Skopje. The Old Bazaar is home to a large number of tourist sites, from food to historical attractions, this area has a lot to offer. From the artistic clock tower to the church of holy Saviour, every monument is a site to gaze at. When in this area, you may tire your eyes, but that’s absolutely worth it. And yes, food is surely not a problem here, because this neighborhood in Skopje hosts a number of restaurants and cafes. Make sure you grab a bite or two in the kebab restaurants and tea-rooms. All in all, this area is surely not a miss when in Skopje.

The city of Skopje lures you in with its majestic architecture, amiable people, laid back atmosphere and sumptuous food. No matter in what area you are, you will find yourself stuck with its beauty and grandeur. So just grab a glass of Turkish tea and you are good to go!! Fill yourself with memories and knowledge in this city.