Best Places to Stay in Shanghai

Best places to stay in Shanghai

Where to stay in Shanghai

Shanghai (meaning “upon the sea”) is the most populous city of the world, thanks to its well earned reputation of being the commercial centre of China. No less than paradise on earth, Shanghai is located at the banks of the Huang Pu River and enjoys the vast porting privilege. From daunting skyscrapers to serene temples, it has something in store for each and every traveller. The most insane celebrations in China are embraced by this city, with fireworks and street performances being the ultimate jaw droppers. And above all this, it is one of the most appealing shopping centres of the world. For gourmands’ kind information, Dumplings, Manchurian and noodles which are savoured now-a-days by every continent and country are this city’s creation! If you seek to plan a vacation to this magnanimous city, be prepared with a heavy pocket, since Shanghai is on the expensive side when it comes to accommodations. So whatever your pocket size is, check out the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Shanghai:

1. Puxi

Lying to the west of the Huang Pu River, Puxi is rightly known as the ‘historical heart’ of Shanghai. This part of Shanghai is dominated by buildings and skyscrapers so tall that searching for their tops can be a pain in the neck. People’s Square, known to have the reputation of being the biggest tourist spot, is within an easy driving distance from Puxi. The Bund, a neighbourhood in Shanghai featuring the most amazing set of restaurants and art galleries, resides on the west coast of Huang Pu. With its vastly popular European architecture, Puxi also pays homage to the Chinese state of the art Grand Theatre, where several operas and theatre acts are carried out daily. The Nanjing Street is a place to watch out for. Known for its exuberant Chinese souvenirs and grand malls, this place is a shopaholic’s destination.

2. Pudong

Located on the eastern coast of Huang Pu, this part of the city is more of an island, with no place in Shanghai being far enough from it owing to all the ferries and metros hurling around. At night, the hot and humid shackles are broken by mild kisses of the river. Pudong offers city’s most luxurious hotels if one is willing to loosen up his/her pockets a bit. The Oriental Pearl Tower, residing at 468 metres, has a revolving restaurant which helps you to enjoy a snack while looking at the magnificence of Shanghai. The restaurants here offer several mouth- watering cuisines which one cannot get enough of.

3. Changshu

Changshu is located on the southeast of Jiangsu. Located a bit away from the hassles of city life, this place is the perfect destination for one’s who like to enjoy calm backwaters. Yangcheng and Yu-Mountain Shang Lake are the two flocking points. Feeling the mood for shopping, the Changshu Clothing Mall Shopping Centre is at your service.

Shanghai can be greatly welcoming if you plan your holiday well in advance and wish to save a few bucks.