Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Seychelles

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Seychelles

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Seychelles

When talking about Seychelles, the word “paradise” is thrown around a lot! And indeed it is! With miles long stretches of beaches and the multihued water of Indian Ocean surrounding it and dense, lush green rainforests covering the island, Seychelles is nowhere less than heavenly. Not a popular destination until few years ago, it is a tiny island that looks like a small dot on the world map. In fact, you have to really zoom in to even notice it. But tales of its breathtaking beauty has started to take rounds in the tourist circle, and now it’s on everyone’s bucket list. A heaven for divers, Seychelles is surrounded by colourful corals protecting its coastlines and impressive marine life. Its nightlife has also started upping its game with a number of nightclubs and bars on the isle. Or, if gambling is your scene then get your quarters ready because it also hosts a number of casinos.

While Seychelles has number of islands, its 3 main islands are the ones with most of the population and best for accommodation. Following is little something about them so you can prepare your itinerary properly. Top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Seychelles are:

1. Mahe Islands

The largest group of islands on Seychelles, Mahe Island is the centre of all tourist related activities. The popular archipelago is surrounded by long stretches of pristine white beaches, clear blue Indian Ocean and granitic hills on the other side engulfed by luscious green forests. Its culture, architecture, and food being influenced by both British and French colonists add quite a bit of charm to it. Visit the famous attractions Bel Air Cemetery or Clock Tower and you will clearly observe it! Although the largest in Seychelles, it is still tiny in terms of area but despite that it offers a plethora of activities to be enjoyed by tourists. Go for a mountainous hike across the jagged interior of Morne Seychellois National Park or snorkel in its pristine waters and explore the healthy, colourful coral reefs surrounding the area. This isle is most visited by tourists in Seychelles and has numerous hotels and resorts catering to their every need and available in wide range of budgets it has something for everyone.

2. Praslin Islands

Lying about 45 km from Mahe, Praslin is a relatively quiet island with a fraction of population than Mahe. An absolute delight, Praslin is famed for its soft white sandy beaches, its coco de mer palm trees, and its national bird-rare black parrot. With its gorgeous silky beaches, clear pristine water, and a slow pace of life, Praslin Islands is everything you have imagined when dreamed about Seychelles. This isle has a lot of small granite mountains covered in thick forests having rich flora and fauna, and ripe for some exploration. Despite having a quiet nightlife, Praslin does boasts some night nightclubs, bars, and casinos and have a number of amazing beach side restaurants serving the best sea food. Being a small isle, you can enjoy this island in a limited time too and like everywhere in Seychelles Praslin also hosts a wide array of water sports activities. And whatever your budget, Praslin will provide for you. Whether you want a large luxury beach-side resort with a private swimming pool or you want a small intimate hotel, it has enough choices for you.

3. La Digue

The smallest of the 3 islands, La Digue is an extremely laid back destination with a small population and a much smaller number of vehicles. A short boat ride away from Mahe and Praslin, La Digue is a perfect destination if are looking for a relaxed vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete, city life. Still far away from the clutches of rampant development that has clutched Mahe and Praslin like a plague, this island still has its raw beauty and looks like that it has straight come out of a glossy brochure. The turquoise waters and beautiful beaches with not many people around will give a private beach vibes and is a heaven if you are looking for some solitude. This island has a number of options for accommodation ranging from luxury resorts to family-run guesthouses.

So, If you want to experience true paradise, then the above 3 islands will be a good place to start. Happy Journey!