Best Places to Stay in Seville

Best Places to Stay in Seville

Best Place to Stay in Seville

Seville is often called a doorway to the past. With much of the city built during the Moorish ties, there is much to see including the 18th-century bullring and the site of Christopher Columbus’s tomb. It is also the hottest major metropolitan area in the Western Europe. Despite being drenched in spirit-enriching sunlight for most of the year, Seville is drop-dead spectacular. Stroll through the toasted boulevards, traverse exotic palaces and museums swamped with history or lose yourself in the narrow, twisted streets in the city's old quarters, dance flamenco and devour the best tapas in the world.

Here’s a rundown of the different neighborhoods to help you plan the best place to stay- for you! Choose from the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Seville, here:

1. The Alameda District

Home to trendy bars, vegetarian restaurants, and all-in-one bar-gallery-stores, Alameda is perfect for family holidays. There are various buildings of note in this area including the Convento Santa Clara, the Torre de Don Fadrique and the Convento San Clemente. It also houses an arts centre, couple of children playgrounds, trendy eateries and happening night spots.

2. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the primary tourist district of Seville. It is a sacred haven for tourists who come in search of the true essence of Seville, or even Spain, because of the intrinsic charm, beauty and atmosphere of the area. It is the location of many of Seville's oldest churches and a high concentration of gorgeous boutique hotels. It is home to the Cathedral of Seville and the Calle Juderia, which is possibly the most picturesque street in Seville.

3. Triana

If you are looking for an honest-to-goodness holiday in sun, then this is the best location for you to stay in Seville. This neighborhood of Seville is originally located outside the main city and hence has a village feel to it. It has lots of little shops and local markets. If you are hooked on Tapas, you’ll find yourself in Triana. One of the most popular spot here for after hours is Calle Betis, along the water front in Triana. It’s best to walk down the street to cool off by the river and choose from the large number of bars.

Choose the best place to stay in Seville, as you discover this sun-baked city by interest. It can get busy with tour groups, so venture out early to explore.