Best Places to Stay in Seattle

Best Places to Stay in Seattle

Best Place to Stay in Seattle

Choosing the best Place to stay in Seattle can be a tricky proposition, especially if the city is celebrated for its distinct enclaves steeped in neighbourhood pride. While juggling amidst options, you have to heed priorities like safety, housing, yards, amenities, walkability, views, and accessibility. The answers though may vary; we can all agree to a certain list of assets and choose our stay according to that.

So to aid your selection, we have created a list of some of the happiest neighbourhoods, each brimming with lively and individual urban village, good connectivity, interesting architecture, plenty of green space and a strong community identity along with playing magnet for walkers, shoppers, diners and urban explorers from around the city and beyond. Try these top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Seattle:

Ballard, one of the best areas to stay in Seattle
1. Ballard

Having earned the accolade of the 'Best Seattle Neighbourhoods' in 2013, Ballard has something for everyone in the store. Located in the north-western corner of Seattle, this place is renowned for transforming from an independent-minded Scandinavian fishing village to a hip, family-friendly, foodie enclave. Besides a good choice in accommodation, Ballard offers you a plate full of boutique shopping, a movie theatre, parks and play spaces- making it one of the best choices to settle in the long term too. Complete with a wealth of eating and entertainment options, it is all knit together with cozy residential blocks tinged with shades of Scandinavia. Then why go anywhere else?

2. Burien

If you're looking for a folksy and friendly neighbourhood in Seattle within close proximity of the main area, Burien is the one community with a no-nonsense and hardy attitude. Replete with beautiful, secret stretches of Puget Sound waterfront and a charming downtown strip that gives you the feeling of Marty McFly stepping out of his DeLorean into a Rockwellian past. Besides comfortable and wallet friendly lodging facilities, you can enjoy second-run movies, great food and cocktails at the Tin Theater and its adjoining bars.

Burien, one of the best places to stay in Seattle
Queen Ave, one of the best places to stay in Seattle
3. Queen Ave

A 2.8 square mile oasis of stately homes and century-old trees, good food and culture, along with the wealth of theatres, opera, ballet and Seattle International Film Festival’s year-round events, all within a walking distance, Queen Anne may just be the best place in the entirety of Seattle. Besides being a community of highly educated inhabitants, Queen Ave is one of the best connected areas giving you a premier access to the entire metropolitan. One of the must visit experiences in the region include spectacular views of Mount Rainier from the Space Needle.

Seattle can cause a conundrum in terms of accommodations, but this list might just help you find the best place to stay in the region.