Best Places to Stay in Santiago

Best Places to Stay in Santiago

Best Place to Stay in Santiago

Santiago De Chile, as fancy as it sounds, a world class city with a cosmopolitan culture and a home to multinationals, dozens of shopping malls, and impressive high-rise architecture, boasts some of Latin America's most spectacular infrastructure! The glistening Santiago Metro and the sparkling new Costanera Norte, a highway system that passes below downtown and connects the eastern and western extremes of the city are two of the architectural marvels of the region. Then there is National Historical Museum, a must visit site especially for the history buffs! With all this, a cherry on the cake would be Santiago being the political, commercial, and financial heart of the nation, renders you good infra facilities to tour the city. For instance, if you’re into literature and all things brainy, you’re welcome with open arms my friend. Pablo Neruda, Francisca Valenzuela and Gabriela Mistral to name a few are poets who ornate the streets of Santiago with their poetic arsenals. And if you are a big soccer fanatic, just pack your bags, rush to Santiago and book your seats for Estadio Santa Laura Stadium!

With so much to explore and indulge in, it is essential that you choose the right accommodation for your holiday; you know, just so nothing goes bad. So here we bring you the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Santiago, Chile:

1. Center of Santiago

If you’re a philosophical person who prefers peace over parties, hot chocolate over pizzas and serenity over chaos, finding yourself at the center of Santiago would undoubtedly be one of your most relaxing life moments! If you want to pay the sweetest gesture to your philosophical eye, you can’t miss the view from Cerro San Cristóbal. At the top of this hill, you get a great look at the city of Santiago below you, with the immense Andes Mountains in the background. Even if you aren’t much of a thrill seeker, you’ll end up hiking or riding your bike, as you will see many of the locals doing it! If you have time, head up for one of Santiago’s beautiful sunsets too.

2. Providencia

If your preference bucket craves for skyscrapers, corporate world, organized locality and high-rise apartment buildings, as you intend to shake hands with the city’s richness, Providencia tops the list. If you’re up for fun filled night in pubs and nightclubs after a long tiring day, don’t miss out Barrio Suecia. Art is our essence of life and so is Bellavista to Santiago! Watch out for artists and performers and add The Virgin Mary in your bucket list. If you’ve got kids along, get ready to have a family time at the Metropolitan Zoo.

3. Downtown

If you want to base your stay for price, centrality and amenities, Downtown is a vast ocean where you can find these three shells! Plaza de Armas, being the heart of Downtown, is buzzing with vendors, performers, and revelers during the day. No wonder this area would bring out the wanderlust in you. Being the real ‘Go’ in Santiago, this neighborhood is all there to shout to- Zip up, pal. Happy Santiagoing!

So, if you feel it is time to circle Santiago on your Atlas, we got your back!