Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in San Jose, Costa Rica

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in San Jose, Costa Rica

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in San Jose, Costa Rica

300 years ago, a city was founded in Costa Rica, now famous as San Jose. The then urban jungle, this tourist spot in Costa Rica has now well-divided neighborhoods or barrios that offer a wonderful travel experience, along with beaches and tropical rainforest to enjoy! The capital of Costa Rica, San Jose is all about history and culture, coupled with a number of great restaurants and bars that you won't find anywhere else.

Keeping everything aside, the city has buzzing neighborhoods which enrich the experience of being in this city, with each and every barrio greets tourists with its own packets of experience! Boasting some truly peppy urban vibes and an array of options open for travelers to enjoy, some of the best places to stay while traveling to San Jose:

1. Escazu

The suburb town of Costa Rica, Escazu is located on a hill and is among the best neighborhoods to stay in San Jose. For loaded and heavy-on-pocket travelers, this place tops the lists and takes you back to the colonial times. Admits the noise of San Jose, Escazu is a quiet neighborhood and yet close to the heart of San Jose. Having access to the amenities is the best part of this district in San Jose. If you decide to explore Escazu, there are lots of things to do here. Especially, if you are a golf-lover, then why not check out 18-hole golf course! Escazu has the integrity and culture of Costa Rica blended in its streets, with San Rafael De Escazu, the busiest neighborhood of this suburb and Escazu Centro having amazing adobe buildings and churches. So, if you are looking to live in a modern and luxurious area, then choose to stay in Escazu. Also known as the “Little America”, the neighborhood will not fall short to amaze you!

2. North of San Jose

People who want to hang around the city for a little longer but at the same time, want to stay on a budget, then the north offers exactly what they wish for. The place provides easy access to not only San Jose but all other cities of Costa Rica. One of the best neighborhoods in the north is the downtown San Jose, a place not that huge in area but has a lot to offer. The Gold Jade and National Museums as well the performing arts headquarters lie here in Downtown. Tourists traveling with children can visit the zoo or maybe shop at the local markets, or just enjoy the indigenous food nearby! Apart from this, the area to the north of Downtown is also home to some of the most historic buildings of Costa Rica. The place offers you the quaint charm of the Colonial era and the architecture narrates you the story about wealthy residents. Also, the district boasts several restored hotels and fine dining restaurants. Covered with several small neighborhoods, the north of San Jose makes sure to keep you entertained and busy with its own to-do list!

3. San Pedro and Los Yoses

This area takes you to the main residential barrios of San Jose. East of San Jose mainly attracts the young blood, as the University of Costa Rica lies in San Pedro and has an active nightlife in San Jose. San Pedro is also home to every kind of lodging, from one to San Jose’s cheapest hotels to the stylish, boutique ones. Above all this, the area lies close to Downtown San Jose, which makes it easier to get to the most renowned attractions of the city. Just adjacent to San Pedro is another neighborhood, Los Yoses which is quite a residential area with foreign embassies and political buildings in its vicinity. The place is again quite close to Downtown, so if you want to stay away from the noise yet close to the area, then, this is a perfect choice. Los Yoses offers an economical range of accommodation and several breakfast options at hand. Both San Pedro and Los Yoses are so near to each other that it’s actually hard to define their territory as separate neighborhoods. And also the regions in themselves are home to a lot of fun activities and attractions to keep you entertained!

San Jose will not cease to amaze you if you are a fan of history and art, nightlife, tourist spots, even nature! So make sure to devote enough time of your travel itinerary here!