Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Rotorua

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Rotorua

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Rotorua

With countless steaming geysers at display, to call the 'Sulphur City' unique would be an understatement! A place of dynamic stature, Rotorua holds beauty in cultural authenticity and the obvious physical unrest. From spurting geysers to the steaming hot springs, Rotorua though a visibly dynamic area, still manages to attract a hefty sum of 3 million visitors a year! The urban fabric of the place is not particularly appealing, but its proximity to a 30 m geothermal geyser advocates the reason for a mandatory visit.

So once you have set your mind to unwind Rotorua, the foremost decision would be to find a roof. Though with infinite options available on the Internet, your mind might run wild with ideas if you haven't visited the place, but this flamboyant city can actually provide you with a good accommodation experience. To help you through the best options to set up camps or park your caravans, here is a virtual tour of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Rotorua:

1. Rotorua City

Rotorua city is one of the best options on the list and the greatest reason to stay in the region is the proximity of the region's lake, Lake Rotorua. Another fact advocating your stay here is the Whakarewarewa Forest, just a short drive away, giving you the opportunities for hiking and biking trails. In the area near the lake, you will find the availability of award winning five star hotels, thermal stays and luxury motels. If, however, you are keen on maintaining the central location, the city centre offers you a large number of motels, several five star hotels and even a few backpacker hostels.

2. Tauranga

Located around 60 km north of Rotorua, the city of Tauranga is claimed to be one of the most populated areas in the vicinity. Often nicknamed as the 'Bay of Plenty', Tauranga lives up to its name by offering you a chance to experience a wide variety of sea activities including local boat tour, sea safari, skydiving and dolphin spotting. One of the best parts about this region is the colossal collection of a variety of accommodation facilities. For people with a tight budget, the place offers 'flash packer' guest houses, backpacker hostels and peaceful holiday parks. If you are on a gourmet vacatoin seeking to indulge in the local flavour, you can choose from a variety of family-run boutique establishments. Seeking a respite from the crowds? You can choose from the profusion of motels and hotels offering you all the solitude you require.

3. Mount Maunganui

Located just a short ferry ride away from the mainland Rotorua, the peninsula of Mount Maunganui has something entirely different under its wing. Brimming with classy cafes and boutique shops, the place is almost always oozing with energy. The place also offers you a sheltered harbor bay along with an ocean beach with great surfing opportunities, earning it the title of favorite holiday destination among the Kiwis. Still in building, Mount Maunganui is making its way towards becoming a popular destination, complete with its upmarket apartments and beachside resorts. If beach environment is what you fancy, Mount Maunganui offers a number of seaside resorts. And finally, if you want to stay in the civil area, Motels, B&Bs and campsites account for some of the best options.

Though the flamboyance of the place would be observed in every step you take, to make your stay more stable, make sure to pick out the localities from the list. Safe Travels!