Best Places to Stay in Rio De Janeiro

Best Places to Stay in Rio De Janeiro

Best Place to Stay in Rio De Janeiro

Considered as a one of the most beautiful holiday destinations around the world, Rio de Janeiro is also named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A perfect mix of the urban cultural landscape and architecture jewelled with planned green space and natural beauty, the planning of the city is considered as close to perfect as it gets. Naturally blessed the place will give you the chance to witness soaring mountains while your ankles are tickled by the sand of its long crescent beaches, an experience not many places can provide!

After having proved that the place is worthy of a visit, the next question lands at the accommodation. To help you pick the best in the lot, here is a list of the best neighbourhoods for stay in Rio de Janeiro:

1. Copacabana

One of the most traditional and authentic areas in the region, Copacabana is a blend of pure Brazilian soul- crowded, rowdy and classic. Though, it is hard to find the correct word to define this neighbourhood in Rio, if we had to pick one, it would be 'sundry'. Brimming with pubs, bars, street fairs, chaotic streets and a wide plethora of shops, all co-existing in peaceful harmony, you will get great quantity of choice in the price points and tastes. But the description of the area cannot be complete without its incredible beaches and bewitching views of the coast, earning it the title of one of the most sought-after tourist destinations for people across the globe. Simply chill out on your vacay basking in the sun on the famous beach and cool off at the beautiful kiosks before you let your party animal out!

2. Leblon and Centro

Generally the complexity of life increases with a rise in the opulence of any place. However, Leblon has maintained to hold on to its charm, elegance and simplicity along with that fancy repertoire! The most posh area in Rio, Leblon is home to a generous sprinkle of the most famous, expensive and upscale restaurants in Brazil, along with the best nightlife experience in the region. One of the must visit places in the neighbourhood is its beach located under the “Morro Dois Irmãos", one of the best areas in the world that provides you a dual benefit of peace and natural serenity.

Then we have Centro, The birthplace of Rio nestled in the heart of the region. Thanks to its central location, the place is oozing with modern skyscrapers, historical buildings and beautiful landmarks all sharing the space of the same region, serving as a living proof that the old and new can co-exist in the same time peacefully. As expected, Centro is the focal point of all the important major companies and their major offices. However, the place is much more than just business and that it proves by the presence of the epic cultural centre, “Paço Imperial,” the present residence of the governors of Brazil. With wonderful daytime and night-time tourism in addition to the well functioning transport system this is the perfect place to find yourself a home.

3. Santa Teresa

A bohemian enclave, Santa Teresa is a paradise on the Earth for people who can muster even the slightest appreciation for art. Hosting a large number of local artists' studios, the narrow, winding lanes of the locality is open to the visitors to roam around after being revitalized years before. You can spend your entire day in awe of the beautiful mansions dating back to the 19th and early 20th century successfully encapsulating the essence of the time. One of the major highlights in the region is the Museu Chacará do Céu, a mansion turned museum residing some of the most prominent works of Brazilian modern artists.

In a place from good to great, to help you choose the best, match the list of your lodging plan with ours and ensure a good trip. Boas Festas!!