Best Places to Stay in Riga

Best Places to Stay in Riga

Best Place to Stay in Riga

Tourism in Latvia has seen an upsurge ever since it shook off its Soviet past and gained independence. One of the liveliest cities of the Baltic States, Riga offers a lot to explore and experience. Old Town, Art Nouveau District, a bustling City Market are few of the list of places to see in Riga.

While thinking where to stay in Riga, check out these top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Riga:

1. Old Town

Riga is a big city, having most of the action going on in the Central area. Hence, Old Town turns out to be an ideal choice for Stay in Riga. The medieval era buildings and unique sacral structures confirm the UNESCO World Heritage Site status of Riga. The narrow, cobbled streets of Riga treasure some really amazing boutique hotels and hostels. From luxury travelers to backpackers, this district houses option for all pocket sizes. If you are traveling in a large group, renting an apartment in this locality would perhaps be the best idea. Visit the Dome Cathedral, St. Peter’s Church and St. Jacob’s Church while in the city.

2. Berge Bazaar

Bergs Bazaar, a historical village-like pedestrian enclave, is the most charming shopping and dining destination of Riga. Casual and upbeat, this area is flocked by locals and tourists. Located between the Marijas and Elizabetes Streets, this area has been established as a center of commercial and recreational activity. After you are done with the tourist attractions of Riga (which are closely stationed to Bergs Bazaar), spend your evening people-watching in this district. Many low-key bars and pub can be accessed in this neighborhood as well. Being a car-free zone works in its favor as the whole aura of Bergs is quite, serene and romantic, especially after dark when the lights beautify the whole area.

3. Mezaparks

If you are not a first timer to the Latvian capital and seek a weekend getaway in Riga, then nothing serves better than the forest park and suburb of Mezaparks. To the north of the Old Town, a 40 minute ride takes you to the outskirts of Riga, where Mezaparks rests in wild nature, a zoo and many recreational activities. It is adjacent to the lake and forest, and mostly consists of summer cottages, villas and private houses. Though it’s not as old as the other quaint districts of Riga, Mezaparks still manages to boast excellent examples of Neo-classic, Art Deco and Eclectic architecture.

When in Riga, don’t miss out a day trip to Jurmala, a buzzing coastal resort near Riga. The place is a perfect getaway for the beach lovers who also fancy spas and a crazy nightlife.