Best Places to Stay in Quebec

Best Places to Stay in Quebec

Best Place to Stay in Quebec

In contrast to the loud and vibrant Montreal, Quebec City is way too relaxed and charming. Commonly referred to by locals as the Big Village, this snuggly Canadian city is for all those who prefer peace over jamming. This is one of those very few places on the planet where you can unwind more than 400 years of history gorgeously melded with the modern city that displays its infrastructure parallel to the culture and traditions. The most redeeming quality that sets it apart from other snowy towns of Canada is that Quebec City celebrates and embraces life, no matter how cold it is outside. And the city’s Carnival de Quebec, the biggest winter carnival in the world, justifies to this quality! Ravish the city’s European charm, ancient architecture, cobblestone streets, food, history and proud yet friendly locals. If visiting in summers, relish a café patio for some people watching. Shopping, sightseeing, nightlife- the city endows it all! But yes, to be able to explore all of this, you need to be placed in the city appropriately. So here is a rundown of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Quebec City:

1. Vieux Quebec- Haute Ville and Basse Ville

Circumscribed under the wing of the magnificent Chateau Frontenac, Vieux Quebec offers oodles of historical charm and impeccable service. Divided in the Upper Town (Haute Ville) and Lower Town (Basse Ville), the latter is more or less an extension of the former, separated only by a photogenic bluff that divided the two areas. Accommodations here may not sound intriguing in size and reputation, but if you wish to go for a small hotel that’s big on luxury, this is the neighbourhood to be in! However, be prepared to be charged heavily for the rather small size of accommodations. Visitors who crave for a surreal visual effect of staying in a Wonderland would fall in love with this place right away! Through the cobbled area of Cap Diamant, you will come across street performers, trendy eateries and a maze of side streets with artisans selling crafts and artworks. A fun fact- Quebec’s gay village is located in Haute Ville, besides a number of prominent churches, convents and monuments. Both the segments are well connected by a funicular.

2. Parliament Hill

A first glance at this neighbourhood in Quebec City may give you the impression of a little less vibrance compared to Vieux Quebec. But the “Champs Elysees of Quebec City’ as they call it, Parliament Hill is way too endowed to believe! Just a few minutes’ walk from Vieux Quebec, this area is also close to the Battlefield Park and Plains of Abraham. Grand Allee, the main street in Parliament Hill, offers eateries and hotels for every pocket size. If you are visiting the city in a rented car and have already explored all the cliché touristy spots here, then look no further! However, accommodation options may lack in character compared to Vieux, and have more of a generic vibe.

3. St. Roch

Just a decade ago, this district in Quebec City was no where in the itinerary of travel enthusiasts. But the recent advent of young restauranteurs, media techies, artists and fashionistas have dubbed the name Le nouveau St. Roch (pronounced Saint Rock). A 30 minutes’ walk away from the Old Quebec and all the touristy spots in the city, St. Roch is ideal for you if you are not a first-time visitor here. That way, you would prefer enjoying the chic vibe of this locale instead of strolling through the main attractions. All in all, this neighbourhood is perfect to experience the real taste of Quebec City, with locals passing by and life going on. Accommodation options aren’t too fancy here; you can rent an apartment for a fair price.

So with so much info on your plate, you are sure to be hold up to the city lie a boss!