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Best places to stay in Prague

Where to stay in Prague

The beer hotspot in Europe, Prague can easily be compared to Paris in terms of architectural beauty. Besides being physically appealing, this place holds a deep pocket of historical events which helped shape up the culture of Prague the way today's world witnesses it. With the beer part being an equivalent of God and the Art Galleries found in every nook and corner of the place, Prague is one of the must-visit places in the world. So witness paradise in words before you experience it in person! Here is a list of the top 3 places to stay for a tourist in Prague:

Hradcany & Letna, the best location to stay in prague
1. Hradcany & Letna

If this place is skipped out of the list, your visit to Prague will never be complete. Hillsides, extending from the west to the north, provide arresting views of greenish copper cupolas replete with narrow cobblestone streets and bridges acting as a confluence for both river banks and green gardens of red-rooftops of centuries-old houses. This place is the centre of the 1300 years of history which can be experienced best by Walking up the hill or stairs at Prague Castle, the historical seat of Czech rulers or simply a visit to the majestic Saint Vitus Cathedral can do the trick. Another fact advocating its choice for accommodation in Prague is the plethora of terrace cafes and gardens overlooking some of the most beautiful sights along with food.

2. Josefov

The focal point of almost the entire Jewish population in Prague, this is a small neighbourhood centred on Široká. Holding great historical significance, Josefov was the place of the former Jewish Ghetto, standing tall as the oldest surviving Jewish cemetery in Europe till date. The place has narrow streets filled with kosher restaurants, museums and antique bookstores and gift shops. This is the best place to stay in Prague that helps you traverse back in time to one of the most heinous crimes against humanity. Accommodations cater to all pocket sizes.

Josefov, the best place to stay in Prague
Mala Strana the best place to stay in Prague
3. Mala Strana

One of the oldest and most beautiful on the list, this neighbourhood is nestled underneath the Prague Castle. Mala Strana once played as the Kings route taken by the future kings on their way to the coronation. Always been a place of great importance, this holds as one of the calmest and charming neighbourhoods full of hidden gardens, parks with peacocks and fruit trees and ponds. Not just the physical beauty, you can base yourself in Strana for it insane food culture replete with restaurants, offering delicious local cuisine and of course, the best Czech brews.

Travelling to a city for the first time and not being able to find a good place to stay can easily be termed as the first things on the list downhill. Well, at least Prague won’t treat you that way! So it is time to answer Europa’s calling! Bon Voyage!!