Best Places to Stay in Porto

Best Places to Stay in Porto

Best Place to Stay in Porto

Porto, Western Europe’s most respected, effervescent and vibrant city, is a place of worth rememberence. With its pristine beaches and cobbled streets, this city of Portugal is truly a heart-stealer. Boasting an extensive history, and always bustling nightlife, outstanding tourist facilities and a lot of monuments and rivers that will awestruck you with its remarkable beauty, Porto lures young and the old! Ardent lovers of art, food, literature find a drive to see more and more of this city. And are you a potterhead? Well you have just reached home my friend because ‘The Livraria Lello,’ one of the most visited book stores in the world and is also rumored to have inspired J.K. Rowling’s depictions of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. So, this colorful artistic city is not Just in a habit to disappoint anyone! With wine tasting to books , colorful boats to beautiful art, this place will entice you in!

There’s a lot to see in porto but what makes you see more is when you find an appropriate place to realx your legs off and maybe get up wanting to wander more. So here are best neighbourhoods to stay when in Porto:

1. Riverside Ribera district

A trip to Porto wouldn’t be complete without visiting this district in the city, a topper in the list of UNESCOS World sites. Referred to as one of the livliest places with a lot of local restaurants, cafes boutiques this place has a lot of luxurious hotels and lodgings to put up, but in this district, there’s a lot to do then just sit in your lodgings. Learn the significance of the river duoro and ride in one of those colouful boats while passing many of its famous bridges including the Dom Louis bridge. But the one thing to remember is Porto’s amazing sunsets, so don’t you forget to take a while and let the time set still when you look at a heavenly view!

2. Baixa

Baixa, a neighborhood just above Ribera, is Porto’s coolest neighborhood, a place where you can gaze upon a number of sites within close proximity. Also, the area that hosts some of the best inns and accommodations lets you have ample options to indulge in bank breaking luxury, and maybe enjoy a rejuvenating spa. But for all those explorers out there, Lello bookshop monuments are just built for every different kind of folks here, be it the romantic Palacio De Cristal, the artistic National theatre, the gothic Lello bookstore, and a lot more. Music and art enthusiasts can explore The Quarteirao Das Artes and Mercado do Bolhao. And when you feel like grabbing a bite or two, don’t forget to try the local restaurants and have francesimha, the most famous Dish of the city!

3. Vila Nova De Gaia

The district is technically located out of Porto on the other hand of the Douro River, but being in close proximity to some of the greatest views of the city makes it a favorite for locals and tourists. One of the things to do in the area is to have an aerial view of Porto through the cable car. You can find a cheap and on budget accommodations in abundance in this area. Offering some of the best wineries of Porto, Villa Nova de Gaia is an excellent location for wine tasting, a task downright unmissable in Porto!

The city of Porto is a very small story which one can only listen to while being there. Overall, Porto never lets you go empty handed no matter what your travel preferences be!