Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Phnom Penh

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Phnom Penh

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Phnom Penh

The vibrant, bustling capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is snuggled up at the confluence of three rivers including the Bassac, the great Tonle Sap and the mighty Mekong. Once considered the Gem of Indochina, the capital city still houses a generous sprinkle of considerable charm. Exuding a provincial elegance and tranquillity with boulevards lined up on either side of the road, circling the monumental Angkorian architecture and the beautiful French colonial mansions. The perfect amalgamation of Asian exotica, this place welcomes its visitors with the original Cambodian hospitality that microcosms the entire region in one city. Taking its moniker from the re-known Wat Phnom Daun Penh temple from the 1373, Phnom Penh is one of the gateways to an exotic land, complete with beaches of the southern coast and the ethnic minorities of the North-eastern provinces. In a place that has beauty radiating at every step, to settle down for one region while on the move would be a tough choice. So to make sure your accommodation matches your choice, here is a list of the best regions for accommodations for tourists in Phnom Penh:

1. BKK1

Originally an expat quarter, Boeung Keng Kang or BKK1, was initially an upmarket leafy area, being a focal point of a majority of NGO headquarters. In the past, it was a magnet for people migrating from the other countries, thanks to its tree lined roads and its spacious villas. However, with the passage of time and the development of the capital, the area of BKK1 presented rapid changes. Majority of the villas in the region have been torn down to pave way for the towering modern condos dominating the area today. Complete with flashy hotels, profusion of fast food joints, international coffee shops and a wide collection of restaurants, this is one place that plays the perfect environment for a long term stay as well as the short term gimmicks.

2. Tonle Bassac

Home to a dwindling number of large properties and villas, Tonle Bassac is one of the excellent options for people looking to settle in Phnom Penh, especially with their families. Though with BKK's development, Tonle Bassac has led to spiralling rents and land prices, it has seen a fall in populations especially the expat population. Still the beauty of the place coupled with the large collection of markets, hotels, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and boutiques make sure that Tonle Bassac still makes it to the list of the best accommodation lists.

3. Toul Kork

Just a while back, the region of Toul Kork was counted among the messy ones with undeveloped outlying suburb, with little to do about the living arrangements. However, thanks to the recent development of the capital, Toul Kork is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods for the people looking to make their stay luxurious. Snuggled up a bit further from the city centre, this will give you the best combination of connectivity and peace that people require while travelling places. Replete with condos, restaurants, clinics, wide boulevards, this area is leafy with life!

Accommodations can make or break your travel enthusiasm. And if you want your Cambodian sojourn to begin, continue and end on a good note, you know where to look!