Best Places to Stay in Perth

Best Places to Stay in Perth

Best Place to Stay in Perth

From its beautiful weather and alluring beaches right up to its easygoing character and relaxed setting, Perth is the perfect combination of laid back, informal surroundings and the metropolitan lifestyle. With a myriad of restaurants, bars and cultural activities housed in this place, Perth has emerged as a sophisticated cosmopolitan city where every corner is vying for your attention. The best place to find peace, Perth gives you the best place to chill amongst its pristine parkland, river and ocean beaches along of the best public transport systems, allowing its inhabitants to spread out and enjoy the profusion of options. This modern-day boom town, basking under almost perpetual canopy of the blue sky, Perth is stoking Australia's economy from its glitzy Central Business District. A perfect place to live in, the city gives you many options to live in, but how can you know which one to choose. To sort out this confusion, here is a list of the best places for accommodation for a tourist in Perth:

1. Fremantle

Located in the southern side of the Swan River, Fremantle is often nicknamed "Freo" in good humour by the locals. Home of several historical buildings, Fremantle is very wealthy in its colonial area, attracting its fare share of visitors to explore its beautiful tourist trails. Along with that, you will find amazing opportunities to find apartments at beautiful locations. One of the added advantages in the region is the gorgeous natural reserves and amazing transport connections including the railway terminus for the entire Perth area. The entire region is one of the most diverse in the concept of architecture, with the place having expats from New Zealand, UK, Italy, Portugal and Ireland, making it mosaic of all the cultures. Along with this, you get to witness some really amazing nightlife, clubs, bars and alfresco dining culture, making it one of the best options to find a roof. Even for people who want to find a temporary accommodation in the region, apartments you can rent and hotels you can hire.

2. City Beach

One of the premier residential areas in Perth, City Beach is a beachside suburb located within the Town of Cambridge. Containing three sections in its premises, the place is the home to a northern section, a southern section and a central one, with all the regions providing the ideal living conditions for its inhabitants. The place also houses two major beaches including Floreat Beach and the City Beach, giving you ample opportunities for outdoor activities including surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing and obviously swimming. Apart from this, the place gives you a collection of beautiful beaches with clean white/golden sand, rendering you the best opportunity for volleyball courts and market. Along with this, being such a beautiful destination, the place is always under the influx of tourists, making it one of most preferred home of the exquisite hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and live music destinations.

3. Applecross and East Perth

One of the riverside suburb, Applecross is located within the city of Melville. Deriving its name from the Applecross Peninsula in the Wester Ross, this is one of the most habitable places in Perth. With the jacaranda trees being the speciality in the region, the avenues of the place are beautified, coming straight out of the movies’ scenes of posh localities. However, this is one place you will have to spend freely to get accommodation in a better position, making it a hub for the wealthy locals and travellers. One of the most prominent part of the locality in the region, the Jacaranda trees, are celebrated by the annual Jacaranda festival happening in the later days of November. Some of the major landmarks in the city include Raffles Hotel, South of Perth, Waylen Bay and the Canning Bridge. Located in the downstream of the Swan River, on the land reclaimed from the earlier industrial use, East Perth is best at showing the world its enlightened development, one that exhibits artworks, parkland and pathways, making it an elaborate living standard. Home of exquisite parks, beautiful galleries, delicious-smelling restaurants and alluring modern housing based around a river inlet with walkways making it out of the best localities in the reach for accommodation.