Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Pattaya

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Pattaya

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Pattaya

The most famous for its go-go and beer bars, Pattaya is unarguably the friendliest place in Thailand. One of the easiest areas to get around, Pattaya, though was initially known as a place for its strong sex market, the government has been making enormous efforts to get the place back in order. Catering to over 5 million annual visitors, Pattaya has now been posing an excellent option for the people who want to try the wide range of gastronomical choices. The demographics in the place are a wonderful colourful mix of nationalities and ethnicities from near and far. Though, Pattaya is not exactly a tropical paradise, there is a huge market for sun-seeking tourism, complete with a huge retired expat population. A much frequented conference, convention and seminar venue, along with varying possibilities for betting on horse racing track, casinos and a well oiled tram system, Pattaya is as adored by revellers as by the suited men.

To find a place in this compact yet well endowed area for accommodation, confusion is one integral part in the process. And to eradicate this very confusion, here is a list of the best regions in Pattaya to find a roof:

1. North Pattaya Beach

If there is one place that can give you the respite you require from the crowds, North Pattaya Beach is just the place to be! A relatively pleasant part of the town, North Pattaya Beach doesn't attract a lot of tourists. Another argument advocating for it to be your choice is its ideal location that makes it an excellent base to explore the city. Rightly placed in the region that is ideally located for those who want to stay handy to Pattaya's main beach, tourist activities and of course nightlife, but making sure that their sleep isn't affected by the city bustle or the party noises. Thanks to this, the place is a hub for hotels with the market shifting towards the higher end of the budget. However, if you happen to look closely enough, you will witness that there is something for everyone.

2. Pattaya Central

Though it is clearly one of the city's main tourist districts, this region has not witnessed much development over the passage of time, making Pattaya central consequently quieter than the rest of the bustling downtown region. Clearly, Pattaya Central is not the most eye pleasing place, nor does it account very high in the action charts, but it can still be a good choice in accommodation, especially for the people who prefer who prioritize properties over locations.

3. Jomtien Beach

Located just to the southern side of the Pattaya beach, Jomtien has an in built appeal of both a self-contained seaside resort and an excellent base for the exploration of the rest of Pattaya without the stress of living in a busy city. Though a majority of its hotels are priced fairly, the tariffs may seem a little higher in the comparative analysis. A majority of its accommodation is lined along with the western section of the beach right next to the town's shops and the colloquial nightlife within a walking sphere. Spanning much of its 6 km length is the ever increasing number of condominiums, successfully giving you the illusion of a space from the concrete part of the town.

To find help in a place where the guide books leave you astray, here is the list you have been waiting for. Make sure you give it a good read to make your trip a successful one!