Best Places to Stay in Panama City

Best Places to Stay in Panama City

Best Place to Stay in Panama City

Beautifully towered skyscrapers everywhere you raise your eyes and pristine islands of San Blas- Panama City is unlike any other city in Central America, a rare combination of urbane and coastal vibe! Talking about shopping, sightseeing, or simply basking in the beach, the city renders you every possible opportunity to have the perfect vacation. Featuring the majestic mountain of Chiriquians, Panama City also offers hiking and trekking opportunities to the adrenaline junkies. Being one of the most famous accomplishments in the history of Panama, this city even hosts a UNESCO World heritage Site-Panama Viejo. Mercado Artesanias, an Artisan market and a hidden gem is a must go-to for every kind of street shopper.

So, if you are all set to have a cute picture clicked in front of the Panama Sign “so touristy and cool” while having the best holiday of your life, it is essential to get a perfect base on the city. Panama City has heaps of neighbourhoods to choose from, posing the travellers with utter confusion. But we got you covered! Try one of these top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Panama City:

1. Casco Viejo

San Felipe, the historic district of Panama City, is the most popular tourist destination of the town and also the loveliest neighbourhood for permanent residents. The vibrant street art and embellishing architecture makes it a must see even if you don’t wish to base yourself here. Boho cafes, bizarrely styled coffee shops, lively restaurants and a very authentic local flavour makes it favourite amongst food bloggers, locals and tourists who want to taste the true colours of this heritage city. The tag of an exceptionally safe neighbourhood in Panama City is a cherry on top!

2. Punta Pacifica

Having close proximity with the beach area and being the newest neighbourhood in Panama City gives the whole area of Punta Pacifica a facelift in the eyes of binging travellers. An ultra-modern setting coupled with the ocean view surely guarantees high prices, something that’s not convenient for those travelling on budget. However, for luxury seekers who prefer to stay cool with expenditure while expediting, this area is downright heaven! Its close proximity from the Airport and easy access to the highway, not to mention the business towers circumscribing it from every side give it an ideal setting for those who wish to explore the suburbs and nearby towns. Besides that, it is a great place for shoppers too.

3. Albrook

To keep your wanderlust craving high and an urge to see and play with animals higher, this 15 minutes car ride from the city centre is a must-do for those seeking an Urban Jungle experience. Exceptionally family friendly and insanely convenient, you won’t feel home sick if you book your hotel stay here. With lots of green leafy space and great opportunities to encounter wildlife, you may find tonnes of animals here like Sloths, Monkeys, bird Species and a lot more you cannot even name!

Panama City is already a top-rate destination in the list of comfortable travellers. So if you wish to indulge in a decadent family holiday, this city is your ultimate calling!