Best Places to Stay in Ottawa

Best Places to Stay in Ottawa

Best Place to Stay in Ottawa

If countries had a profile on the social media, the list of adjectives to describe Ottawa would be longer than the city itself! Dynamic, gregarious and multilingual, this is one place that welcomes you with open arms, extreme warmth and super-awesome attractions to unwind. Complete with a brilliant collection of world class museums, Ottawa is one of the most architecturally inspiring places with a clutch of beautiful collections to its name. Along with this, this is one city that comes along with a wide selection of open green spaces; it's parks, gardens and wide, open public spaces. Accessible to travelers throughout the year, Ottawa is one of the most beautiful places to witness the change of season, with one dwelling in the lap of the other ones and then taking up the stage with all the colors flooding the environment, is a sight for sore eyes.

However, in a place as beautiful as Ottawa, to find yourself a perfect temporary accommodation while on the move, can be one of your most difficult decisions as a tourist. So, to help you find an area that suits you to the stitch, here is a list of the best neighborhoods to find a stay in Ottawa:

1. Lower-town/Centre-town

One of the most preferable quality of accommodation in Ottawa is the relative affordability, and if there had to be a poll to find the most affordable places to rent a room, then Downtown Ottawa will rate on the premier. The centre of Canada's government and many of the high rises, this place is technically devoted to the civil sector and the subsequent business associations. Aside from this, Downtown offers almost every type of amenity and a wide plethora of the most famous pubs or restaurants. If you had to choose one centre piece of the downtown Ottawa, it would most definitely be the Byward Market, being the residence of many bars and eateries that make the city famous. The perfect place if you want to enjoy the social life without taking a taxi home, this is the region to find a home if you are a tourist in the region.

2. Sandy Hill

Home to the main universities in Ottawa, Sandy Hill is one of the main Ottawa neighbourhoods since its designation as the capital of the nation. The recent years has witnessed a spurt in the population of the region, thanks to the settlement of more and more residents in the suburbs, and the leasing out of homes by the students, gifting Sandy Hill its relaxed and fun vibe. For the explorers, the place volunteers a number of ethnic restaurants and bars with student friendly prices and ambience. Taking a step out of this neighborhood, you can witness activity almost every night of the week.

3. Hintonburg/Westboro

Often described as eccentric and quirky, Westboro is rapidly becoming associated with the 'hipster' lifestyle and making it one of favorites for the people who migrate from the outskirts. However, that been said, the amenities are placed close to hand, leading the development and the level of comfort in the region for the new comers to sky rocket.

Making a choice about the accommodation in the city is always a tricky part, which becomes even tougher if the city is as beautiful as Ottawa. However, to make sure that you take an informed decision, read the above list thoroughly!