Best Places to Stay in Mykonos

Best Places to Stay in Mykonos

Best Place to Stay in Mykonos

The epitome of Cycladic bliss with the refinement of posh class service and fine accommodations, Mykonos is one of the premier choices in the Greece region. As you step out on the port, take a deep breath and look around, the sight you come across will explain the place better than any words ever can! Whether you want a romantic getaway or an adrenaline rush for a vacation, Mykonos offers all of this under one umbrella.

One of the most important parts to choose while planning a vacation is the lodging options available in the area. Hence it is required to make an informed choice about the same. Here is a list of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Mykonos:

1. Chora

Chora, also known as Mykonos Town, is an amphitheatrically built typical Cycladic village. House to several whitewashed cubic houses with wooden coloured doors, windows and balconies, this place is one of the most beautiful architecture in Greece. Chora is full of narrow streets forming a labyrinth, beautiful churches, lovely chapels and purple bougainvillaeas contrasting with the bright white walls making it one of the most picturesque towns and a perfect place to stay. Along with this, its centrally located position allows access to numerous cafes, chic boutiques, souvenir shops and fine jewellery.

2. Kalafatis

Located far east of Chora, Kalafatis is an organized beach with trees, sandy beaches and turquoise waters. In lieu to its proximity to the sea, the place is renowned for its windsurfing fun, relaxation, water sports, good food and what not. The only beach in the vicinity rimmed by trees and one of the largest ones in the areas, it’s a place worth visiting. Its beautiful golden sand and clear blue skies make an unparalleled option to find a place for lodgings. One other reason advocating the stay is its proximity to some of the famous tourist attractions including restaurants cafes and bars.

3. Ornos

A small fishing village located south of the town, this is the ideal place to stay if your premier condition of the visit is peace and solitude. This is the closest beach to the capital, complete with fine sands and sun beds along with umbrellas for rent. The best part of the place is its proximity and distance with civilisation at the same time. On the shore of the bay, there is a huge hotel complex offering a variety of restaurants and bars. Well connected to the city and beautiful sights make this the perfect choice for writers and peace seekers.

So by the list we can conclude the island can offer everything one can ask for. A holiday in Mykonos would do full justice to your expenditure and expectations!