Best Places to Stay in Moscow

Best Places to Stay in Moscow

Best Place to Stay in Moscow

Moscow, beyond shadow of a doubt, stands as a truly iconic, global city that played (still plays) a pivotal role in the development of Russia. As is evident, it is a place with great historical value; each nook and corner that you plan to visit will inculcate the fact deeper within. If you simply take a stroll on the street, you would literally lose count of the churches and museums that come across! Along with this, Moscow is a host to many of the first-rate cafes and lounges with great coffee and tea. In addition to this, this Russian jewel has many places to rest the head at night from budget friendly hostels to all things exquisite!

Here is a list of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist to choose from while deciding on where to stay in Moscow:

1. Arbat

One of the oldest parts of Moscow, Arbat is a centre hub filled with crowds of tourists, both local and international. Famous for its Old Arbat combined with the modern and gigantic New Arbat, this is the choice of place for people because of the Konstantin Malenkov’s famous private house open to public. Along with this, the area has some of the best hotels in the area, offering every luxury imaginable to a travel bug. In addition to a wide variety of lodging facilities, Arbat has delicious vittles just a walk away. Replete with beautiful sights to see, luxurious places to stay and mouth-watering dishes to eat, this is the best place to stay in Moscow.

2. Basmanny

Considered to be the most artistic neighbourhood, Basmanny is the focal point of a plethora of galleries and cultural spots, having their maximum concentration per sq. meter. One can simply spend the entire city discovering the enchanting world of Russian art at the Winzacod or the beautiful Artplay in the vicinity before exploring the industrial scenery and finally reach to the Chistye ponds for a soul searching session in solitude. In addition to being a meccaq for the art and culture enthusiasts, this precinct in Moscow has some of the most budget friendly hotels offering all the comforts and peace you require and more!

3. Patriarch Ponds

If you need an escape from the hustle of a big city and yet wish to stay in the close proximity to all things touristy, this is the place for you. Calm water, friendly swans and an elegant collection of early 20th century architecture, Patriarch Ponds is one of those fabled places that we talk about in novels. However not very far away from the city, the area offers a number of stylish bars and restaurants scattered around and the Museum of Modern Art to seal the deal.

So let us help shape your decision because as they say, know better, book better, enjoy better! The best vacation of your life is waiting to happen, give it a chance. Happy Moscow Diaries!