Best Places to Stay in Montreal

Best Places to Stay in Montreal

Best Place to Stay in Montreal

A thread of Old Europe in a tapestry of contemporary design, one word that captures the essence of this gorgeous Canadian city is Multifaceted. A rare combination of 18th century structures and a 21st century skyline, Montreal, nestled on an islet on the St. Lawrence River, is unarguably one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world! If Ottawa is the real capital of Canada and Toronto its economic face, then Montreal stands out to be Canada’s cultural juggernaut. A proud bearer of the country’s linguistic-cultural identity, this city survives on the grounds of public celebration of arts. With 250 theatre and dance companies, the city boasts 90 festivals serving a fascinating medley of creativity and innovation! Talk about gastronomy, Montreal brims with food temples that serve the most exciting plates in North America!

Unwind the ancient cobbled streets, splurge out in the bustling marketplaces, explore the historic cathedrals and grab a cappuccino from one of those iconic French cafes at Boulevard St. Laurent, Montreal is all psyched up to set your vacay on fire! But hey, did you first plan your accommodations? Well, to be able to indulge in it all, your location in the city matters way lot! So, to help you find the perfect base suiting your needs, here is a rundown of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Montreal:

1. Downtown Montreal

Hosting the city’s cultural highlights, Downtown Montreal is stationed just a way steps away to the north of Old Montreal, the historic plaza of the city. Housing the most frequented art centres and museums of the region, Downtown also house the majority of hotels, B&B’s and 5-stars. Nestled at the foothills of Mount Royal, Montreal’s most iconic landmark, Montreal offers excellent connectivity to other parts of the city with taxi, metro and Underground Pedestrian Network. If you are loaded enough, try picking up a luxury hotel and you shall be DIRECTLY connected to the Underground and thus, all things touristy! Head on to the Crescent St. for its impeccable nightlife. For shopaholics, there is St. Catherine!

2. Plateau Mont Royal

Northeast to the Downtown district, this ‘refugee to Europeans’ neighbourhood is well flocked by people who do not consider a vacation ‘complete’ sans a shopping extravaganza. Bohemian, funky and vintage all at once, this one’s an artsy Francophone neighbourhood that houses infinite options for nightlife and food! If you hit the city in summer, rent a bike from Place Gerald Godin Metro and peruse the one-of-a-kind du Mont Royal Avenue. Hit up the Latin Quarters for some boutique shopping, just west of Plateau. And if you are one of those high-heeled travellers, try the haut coutures at St. Denis Street. And the best part, this neighbourhood in Montreal offers all options from fancy, affluent accommodations to cheap thrills!

3. The Village

North America’s most active and insanely awesome gay neighbourhood, The Village is a hub of Montreal’s teeming life and bustling nightlife. Ideal for long daytime strolls, café stops and quirky shopping, the city is equally loved for its crazy entertainment after dark. Bars and eateries are in full swing all year round, especially during summers when the main St. Catherine street is 100% pedestrianized. What more? The neighbourhood’s rainbow coloured Beaudry Metro Station makes commutation to other parts of Montreal way too easy! However, the area’s extremely popular and vibrant and cultural life, coupled with its close proximity to the city centre makes it an expensive choice for accommodations.

Montreal is the ever-dancing heart of Canada. So, make sure you keep enough days in hand to explore the many faces of this city!