Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Montevideo

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Montevideo

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Montevideo

The pleasant capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo, is situated on the banks of Rio de la Plata. Home to nearly half of Uruguay's population, Montevideo for tourism is a vibrant place boasting a rich cultural life. Stretching 20km from east to west, Montevideo travel has many sides, from an expansive industrial port to a splendid beachside.

This tourist destination in Uruguay may not be a large city, but has numerous things to see and an array of activities to do. With historic monuments and modern upscale enterprises, Montevideo pleases each and everyone. So if you are planning a holiday in Uruguay try out one of these best areas to stay in Montevideo:

1. Pocitos

The safest area for tourists on the list is Pocitos, a district in Montevideo that’s stationed 10 minutes away from the center city. The area has a number of luxurious hotels facing the crescent-shaped beach, Palya Pocitos. The golden sands and pristine waters of this beach make it way too frequented among both locals and tourists, and it is where you will find a lot of activities going on including football, volleyball, sailing, swimming and many more. Apart from these activities, there are concerts and festivals that are held regularly in this neighborhood. One can choose to go for a stroll on this 20km stretch and can indulge in savory restaurants, cafes, and shops in between. On weekends, there is a market open on this long promenade where here you can buy things like jewelry, food, art, clothes, with haggling being the prime sport here! For shopaholics, Montevideo shopping mall is the best stop, boasting a massive collection of Uruguayan and international brands along with a loaded eatery. At a stone throw distance from the beach is an old and beautiful architectural neighborhood that’s home to Russian and Italian embassies along with various old and graceful mansions like bar Valerio. Also, are some religious places to explore, most of them being on the Cavia street and the Lauri street. Some of the monuments include St John's church, Church of Our Lady Fatima and Beit Jabad. There are a lot of good parks too, just alongside Rambla, to enjoy the scenic view of waters and sky meeting. Apart from all this, most of the nightlife also happens in Rambla, with ample options of pubs and bars to dance your night out!

2. Punta Carreras

Punta area is adjacent to Pocitos and is counted as one of the upscale districts of Montevideo with a plethora of high end brands resting in this vicinity. The place is also well known for keeping its tourists busy all day with an array of activities to do and places to visit in Montevideo. The neighborhood includes Parquet Rodo, the central part of the city, which has a strong French influence and is a memorial for Uruguayan writer, Jose Rodo. In the south of the park is his monument. The place is full of various activity centers like a golf club, amusement park, a summer theatre and many more. Streets here are busy on Sundays due to the bustling market. Another major tourist spot in the neighborhood is Juan Zorilla de San Martin museum, dedicated to the poet of the same name that displays his personal belongings. Other than all this, the most renowned attraction of the area is the Punta Carreras Mall. In totality, Punta Carreras is one of the safest and best areas of Montevideo. With an array of restaurants, accommodation options, and attractions, the area is one of the best areas for tourists in Montevideo.

3. Ciudad Vieja (the Old City)

When in Ciudad Vieja, you are standing in a place which once was all Montevideo! Being the heart of government, import-export, and finances of the city, the place is all busy and bustling during the weekdays, while weekends are relatively quieter and calmer. Home to the Colonial Square that depicts great architectural skills and cultural legacy, the old city boasts numerous historic cafes, galleries, auction house, bookstore, theater, and live music, along with all the best restaurants of Montevideo. This is also the place where the paradox of Montevideo lies; pockets of poor alongside great mansions of rich! So if you want to experience the authentic life of Montevideo, choose Ciudad Vieja, one of the best places to stay in Montevideo.

Montevideo is a mix of culture, history, and modernity. Travel Uruguay and you won’t go home without memories!