Best Places to Stay in Milan

Best Places to Stay in Milan

Best Place to Stay in Milan

Wonder what it would be like to be in the fashion hub of Europe? Well, don’t just wonder, as it’s time to wander in the streets of the highly astonishing city of Milan in Italy! Known as the fashion capital of Europe, it stands true to its title in every way. From impressive clothing to relentless sight-seeing, to splurging on the most luxurious lodgings- everything describes a fashion statement within its own self. Apart from hosting one of the most colossal fashion weeks in the world, the city is not a miss if your vision gets stuck by the intense art, as the city is home to the Leonardo Da Vinci’s mural painting ‘Last Supper’. Being a high street uber chic fashion hub of the country, don’t hesitate to pack your stilettoes with you for a fashion struck stroll in the city. From having the authentic mozzarella cheese pizza to looking for a picture-perfect spot, here’s the city of Milan greeting you with a ciao!

But a trip is never a win-win without a perfect place to put up at. So here is the list of top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Milan, so that you can have a great stay and also not miss the essence of the city:

1. Brera

To the north of the city, Brera is the heart of the city alluring with its artistic charm and most luxurious inns in the country. Brera is a host to the most opulent hotels of the city, accommodations in Brera will serve you with top-notch service and the most sumptuous food. And its not about getting awestruck by the lodgings, also the area hosts one of the most artistic museums in the country which is the ‘Pionacoteca Di Brera Meuseum’. For all the shopping freaks out there, who want to carry a souvenir for this trip can have a walk to the ‘Fiori Chiari’ street where you can buy all the local bohemian articles for yourself and loved ones. And also don’t forget to get lost within the hidden streets of this district.

2. Centro Storico

Centro Storico is the historical center of the city and is home to the Milan’s most renowned landmarks. There are many hotels and inn to put at when in Milan; especially for the first-time travelers, it’s easy to find a bit on budget accommodations in the aisle. Being the center of the city, the area is truly the center of attraction as within this aisle lies the world famous ‘Duomo Di Milano Cathedral’, which is a piece of art and woo you by its sanctity and magnificent artwork, and also the ‘Vittonio All Scala Museum’ will not disappoint you if you are an ardent fan of modern art. Also, to experience the high Fashion life, visit the fashion boutiques of marc Jacobs, Gucci, MiuMiu to witness the epitome of fashion. So, grab a cappuccino and stroll!!

3. Navigli District

Located to the south west of Duomo, Navigli is one of the upcoming neighborhoods where you can find an on-budget lodging to put up at and have the most traditional Italian pizza slice! One of the major attractions in the area is the two canals among which one is based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s Design’s, so for a boat experience, take the boat and visit some of the magnificent attractions of the city and the local galleries. Also, don’t forget to visit some restaurants and cafes to dine alfresco by the canal and feel the cool breezes after a long stroll!

So summing up, this artistic city is not just for nerds or book worms, but for the historic art and sanctity that it contains within, is worth a gaze!