Best Places to Stay in Miami

Best Places to Stay in Miami

Best Place to Stay in Miami

Architectural marvels, sun-kissed beaches, creative cuisines and a blazing nightlife, Miami is, for all the right reasons, a premium holiday destination and one of those naturally beautiful cities where the sparkling shores overlook clear turquoise waters. Known as the Magic City due to its rapid development overnight, the city’s mesmerising skyline is often showed on TV shows and movies. Famous for an unprecedented nightlife, Miami comes at life after the sun sets, when people kick off their shoes and let down their heels at the South Beach, the focal point of boisterous world class clubs.

Don’t let that fool you though, Miami has a lot more to offer. With diverse cultural influence, city’s food scene is also aptly exciting with a touch of Cuban and Spanish flavours imbued in it. Every architecture buff’s dream, this perky city is full of colourful buildings and cutting edge architectural gems that are hard to be found anywhere else. So, don’t wait anymore and book those tickets as we help your bookings out with a brief description about the top neighbourhoods you should stay in to make the most of it. So here are the top 3 Places for accommodation for a tourist in Miami:

1. South Beach

When talking about Miami, most people dream about the South Beach with its white sandy shore and clear waters, sloshing down frozen cocktails or dancing in one of its posh clubs. Nicknamed as “American Riviera” or “Art Deco Playground”, the place is brimming with colourful buildings, high end boutiques, and cocktail bars. With a burgeoning food scene, Miami boasts some of the best restaurants in the city to the beach side street food. Its epic nightlife doesn’t need any introduction with a number of world class clubs and bars lining its street and revellers dancing their night away! With a reputation of being a little more on expensive side, accommodation obviously doesn’t come cheap here. While there are a few budget friendly options, full experience comes at a cost of some extra dollars.

2. Downtown Miami

Once a rather empty district, Downtown is now the most bustling epicentre of the city. All thanks to its eclectic nightlife. When the clubs and bars started opening up, the empty warehouses were turned to condos and gave way to gleaming skyscrapers. Downtown Miami is now well equipped with museums, shopping centres, arenas and restaurants that are more than enough to keep you busy in the day time. And as far as the nightlife in Downtown Miami is concerned, it gives a tough strife to that of the South Beach and has unlimited options for everyone. There is a wide range of hotels and Airbnb’s in this area, providing a beautiful view of south beach as well as the stunning skyline. And with wide budget options too, the popularity of Downtown seems to be rising like Miami’s temperature!

3. Wynwood

The art and soul of Miami, Wynwood is the art district of the city. Starting with murals, street graffiti, and all things unconventional, it became a place where art is celebrated and up & coming artists form a close community by co-working for common interests. The diverse community is a palette of museums, galleries, pop up shows, speakeasies and new fusion cuisines to name a few. Take a tour of the Institute of Art Miami, where local artists and students showcase their sculptures and other works. Or maybe go shopping at one of its many antique stores and fashion boutiques lined in the street. Its nightlife may not be as legendary as the above-mentioned neighbourhoods, but it does have a few trendy bars where you can chill with a pint. Perfect for cost conscious travellers and backpackers, there are good options of hotels and Airbnb’s where prices are not that sky high.

For spending days soaked up in sun and nights drenched in debauchery, Miami is just the place to be! So, go for it and experience some magic in The Magic City!