Best Places to Stay in Mexico City

Best Places to Stay in Mexico City

Best Place to Stay in Mexico City

Mexico City, a metropolis that has it all, is that ever growing and ever evolving city that has begun to be recognized as a world-class cosmopolitan in terms of culture, cuisine, economy, architecture and most importantly, a number of luxurious properties that gives you a large variety to choose from while on the move.

Those of you who are aware of the city’s dubious reputation in terms of crime, there are still a number of places you should not wander or stay if travelling solo, but the city is far safer now than it was few decades ago. So, to keep you posted regarding where to stay while visiting the ‘city with a much-maligned image in the past but is now trying to clean up the act’, here’s a brief blog on the neighbourhoods that have a divergent feel, ambience and layout. Check out the top 3 accommodations for a tourist in Mexico City, the most popular ones that you are sure to fall in love with:

1. Condesa

The most touristy one and often eulogized to be the magical neighbourhood, this lush side of Mexico City has it all from upscale shops to exquisite nightclubs, rambling streets to hippie new architecture. One of the most redeeming qualities of Condesa is the subtle beauty of its streets, made up of lots of alluring wide alleys, lined with trees that form a canopy. A great benefit of choosing this district in Mexico City is that it lies in the centre of the city, thus rendering excellent connectivity to other parts of the region. The best thing to catch a glimpse of is Condesa’s Engima rooms, also popular as the Sherlock Holmes themed rooms, where you’ll be given clues to find your way out. This region is packed with tons of cute cafes and restaurants to choose from. Other places to visit are Parque Mexico, Dog School, Casa Quimera.

2. Roma

An epicentre of culinary innovation plus the most fashionable region of Mexico City, Roma has new places popping in all the time! With infinite ice cream parlours to fulfil all your sweet cravings, the area’s vegan restaurants are a treat for the diary detesters. It has become the centre for most electric nightclubs you’ll ever lay your foot in! The colourful street art renders a cool bohemian vibe to the whole scene, making this cosmopolitan urbane one of the most appealing areas in Mexico City. This district is way too tourist friendly, and you’ll guess that with the way people communicate comfortably in English. Boasting the most elite high-end boutiques, it’s a cake walk to go bankrupt for shopaholics visiting this area! This artsy region brings out the inner artist in you as it is home to a number of museums, art galleries, colourful walls.

3. Polanco

The most extravagant district in the capital city, Polanco exhibits all things elite being the residential area of the richest businessmen, politicians and famous personalities of Mexico City. Naturally, prices here are higher than anywhere else in the city. If you’re a buff of well-manicured, luxurious places with an affluent lifestyle, then this is your ultimate calling. Besides all the glitzy glamour, the place is also rich in culture, housing some of the most famous places for travellers like Soumaya Museum, Tianguis, Polyforum Siqueiros and Plaza Uruguay. Other than that, you may also find some of the Latin America’s best restaurants here.

These 3 neighbourhoods is as eclectic as the city itself. Housing some of the most amazing hotels, both international chains and heritage boutique hotels, Mexico City neighbourhoods turn out to be a fun packed base for tourists!