Best Places to Stay in Medellin

Best Places to Stay in Medellin

Best Place to Stay in Medellin

Medellin, the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ blossoms all year. If you wish to stay in a culture you will love to fall in for and a tropically perfect weather irrespective of seasons accompanied with the tag of ‘Innovative City of the Year’, Medellin is the perfect path for your journey to begin! It is a cherry on the cake if you are someone who is into art and craft, as Medellin holds the best street art tours mentored by local hip-hop artists; you are going to love in getting along with. The city turns into a sparkling, colorful, flowery heaven in Augusts when one of the most awaited, famous festivals of the country, very close to people’s hearts actually arrive: The festival of Flowers! Incredibly gorgeous flower arrangements and street parades are some of its highlights.

Trend is in the city’s blood! Once you get to experience the biggest fashion event in South America hosted by Medellin, it is pretty imaginable. You will forever cherish the beautiful memories spent in there. When you feel like wandering and travel, give the city buzz a halt and stop by The Arvi Park where you will fetch your picnic mode in true sense. So as you begin to unravel the variants of the city, base yourself in one of the top three accommodations for a tourist in Medellin:

1. El Poblado

El Poblado is hub of the best restaurants and hotels found in Medellin, Colombia. Being the wealthiest and most upscale district in the city, accommodations here are obviously bound to be high up in tariffs. Winding, tree lined streets backed by rippling creeks, natural paths and well-manicured parks give this area a heavenly charm. Backed with the best nightlife experiences and western style, El Poblado accounts to some amazing clubs and malls all around. Marvelously enriched with aristocracy, style and Medellin standards, this neighborhood in Medellin fits in the best when it comes to your vacation mood.

2. Laureles – Estadio

If you aspire to have a dream stay near serene streets and pretty parks, more vibes and less talks, more sunshine and less city lights, Laureles – Estadio is the place for you! The fact that justifies it having been called a ‘dream stay’ is its proximity to Estadio Atansio Girardot, a fantastic sports complex endowed with basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools and places to play volleyball all under one roof. Another amazing thing to hear would be, a 100% accessibility of the Medellin Metro and the transportation of this area is reasonably priced. A perfect dream stay! Isn’t it?

3. Belen

If El Poblado is way too fancy for you and the main center too gritty, try this rather low-key neighborhood of Belen. If you are more into getting a local vibe, the pleasant side of Medellin blended with a working-class touch, Belen has got numerous inexpensive stay arrangements. Besides that, the district is largely safe, even for female travelers. With low on prices and more on excitement, Belen fits in your budget bucket!

We hope Medellin renders your stay a positive, light and desirable one! The fascinating culture of Medellin is sure to drive you towards it anyhow. Accompanied with incredible festivals, lively indulgence and a uniformly stable weather, Medellin will hold a place in your heart. Once you visit, it is easy to see why!