Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Mauritius

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Mauritius

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Mauritius

Whether it’s the laid-back vibes of the island, or the stunning views, Mauritius is one of the most iconic tourist destinations for those who seek an adventure in the tropics. True to its name “Para-dise Island”, Mauritius is one of the top luxury destinations around the globe. Mauritius has always been known for its delightful and welcoming culture. With the state being a mix of immigrants and locals, tourists visiting Mauritius seldom find themselves lost or helpless. Traces of French cul-ture can be found throughout the Island, and with the vast and diverse culture you get to enjoy every bit of India, Africa, and Europe. The natural beauty of Mauritius is thus not only reflected through the eye-wooing sites, but also through the warm hospitality of the locals. From its spectacular beaches to flora and fauna, to the multi-cultural population, it’s clear why this isle has been a recipient of the ‘World Leading Island Destination’ award three times!

But as important it is to know the what-to-visit spots, it’s equally important to know about some places that make a stay at Mauritius pleasant. So here are the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Mauritius

1. Grand Baie

A village in Northern Mauritius known for its beaches and water sports, Grand Baie is the all-happening touristy hub of Mauritius. Full of restaurants and lively bars and also famous for handicrafts, the area exhibits the most insane nightlife in the entirety of this isle. Tourists stay-ing here have full access to the major beach attractions like the Grand Baie Beach and Trou Aux Biches, Pointe Aux Biches and Pereybere beach. For the true shopaholics, there’s La Croi-sette, an enticing mall that caters to everything from expensive shenanigans to souvenirs and gifts.

2. Flic en Flac

50 km from the Mauritius airport, towards the west face of the isle, lies this enticing neighbor-hood for fun vacations. From opulent resorts in the Wolmar area to the fantastic diving spots, this region renders it all! The longest beach in Mauritius and a largely self-contained town, this area features all the amenities that you may need for your vacay. Apart from being a rather serene and peaceful part of the isle, this area keeps you close the all the major tourist spots in the South West, such as The Black River Gorges National Park, Le Morne, Casela Nature Park. Etc.

3. Balaclava

The best-known neighborhood in Mauritius to find a luxury private beach accommodation, Bal-aclava is located towards the north of the isle, arguably the most beautiful side if the isle, and is very close to the main beach of Mauritius, Pereybere. Although, the properties here render such beautiful private beaches, that you hardly need to look anywhere else. Located hardly a few miles form Grand Baie, Balaclava stations you very close to the bustling nightlife, delicious food and thriving tourist spots!

Spend a day with dolphins, kite surf, or take a blue safari with submarine in the ocean, marvel at the seven-colored earth of Chamarel village, experience the bluest of sea waters and white sand beaches, take a dip in the natural lake that sits in the crater of an extinct volcano…..oh there is so much to do in this land of opportunities!
With an active night-life, a truly elegant and fun-filled journey awaits you. Pack your bags and head out for the paradise, because you don’t know what you’re really missing!