Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Manila

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Manila

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Manila

If we had to condense the city of Manila down to a few words, it can simply be defined as a city with a soul. The centre of all the economic, social, political and cultural activity, Manila is located on the island of Luzon, spreading along the eastern shore of Manila. The original name of Maynilad is derived from the nilad plant; a flowering shrub that has adapted its self to the marshy condition, highlighting the adaptable nature of the city. The lyric from an old song, 'There's no place like Manila' come back to life, Philippines' sprawling capital is almost made up of sixteen different cities spreading shoulder to shoulder. With every neighbourhood in Manila telling you their own stories, every step you take will be a new character!

Manila is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, making it a tough decision to choose the preferable area for your accommodation. To make sure you choose a neighbourhood according to your personality, here is a list of the best inhabitable areas for tourists in Manila:

1. Fort Bonifacio

Though it is fabled that Manila does not have a lot of space, Fort Bonifacio is one place that will prove all the preconceptions wrong. A mirage of the LA life, complete with its wide sidewalks and broad avenues, if it were not for the tropical heat, Fort Bonifacio could almost be a part of Los Angeles. With several hotels lining up for the tourists, the place also has an option for investment for long term plan too. With people crowding in the region, the place will also give you a slightly more intimate atmosphere, along with a generous sprinkle of beautiful cafes, small art galleries and excellent Filipino restaurants. Besides all this, the place also serves as an excellent option to spend your night in, giving you the best nightlife experience in the entirety of Manila.

2. Tomas Morato

The point of confluence of the fun-loving nightlife and residential atmosphere of the old Manila, Tomas Morato is located in the intersection of Quezon City's South Triangle. Brimming up with Yoga studios, spas and tattoo parlours, Tomas Morato has earned its name as Manila's long standing entertainment district. One of the most famous parts of Tomas Morato is its live music and comedy clubs entertaining for both locals and natives alike. And above all this, the place provides you with the most serene environment during the day, giving you the required distance from the crowds you were looking for.

3. UP Village

A constant breath of fresh ideas and youthful creativity, UP Village is counted among one of the capital's hottest foodie destination. The ultimate destination for those who live to eat, there are many compelling dining options! However, it is not the food where the fun ends. There is a profusion of a number of Board game cafes, cat cafes, tattoo parlours, local fashion boutiques, second hand bookstores and vinyl stores giving that extra punch of that mystical charm that you require to fall in love with this place!

To make sure that your accommodation suits your choice, head on to one of these districts and you are sure to have the time of your life!