Best Places to Stay in Manchester

Best Places to Stay in Manchester

Best Place to Stay in Manchester

Counted as one of the greatest cities in the world, Manchester is the perfect formula of history, culture and hedonism, all condensing down into an undeniably beautiful trip. A host of new buildings rising up from the street, Manchester is considered to be one of the best places to be. A known centre for the departments of arts, media and higher education, the city has undergone a renaissance with the introduction of initiatives such as the Castlefield project, completing with its museum complex on Liverpool. Awash with its breathtaking monuments and the charmingly simple shops, Manchester has surely set records for other places to match up with.

In case of accommodation however, to choose the place carefully is very important. So to help you pick and choose among the best, here is the list of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Manchester, offering you the best lodging facilities:

1. Chorlton

Located outside the centre of the city towards the southern side, Chorlton is probably one of the best known among the scattering of hip neighbourhoods. Providing the best premises for the people seeking to lose the crowds and enjoy some solitude. Housing Unicorn, one of the best vegan whole-food markets in the UK, along with a wide array of quirky bars and eateries, this is one place that comes with a guaranteed gastronomical satisfaction. Gaining the reputation of the most bohemian area of the city, Chorlton is counted among some of the most distinct areas in UK. To experience the local nature of the place take, a stroll down the Beech Road into the meadows. To spend your nights in the continued peace, the place has some of the best bars in the region including Mary & Archie's and Strangebrew.

2. Whalley Range

Located in close proximity with Chorlton, Whalley Range is the focal point of all the young people starting off on their own thanks to its affordable rents. Providing the living places with beautiful open roads and good habitable options, Whalley Range is a good investment for people looking for property, and also for people who look to travel on a budget. However, to assume that Whalley Range is completely a residential area with such a large chunk of youngsters in the area would be a blunder. The Upper Chorlton Road in the region is the home to an array of laid-back bars including Jam Street Café and Hilary Step and the popular take-out restaurant known as the Tibetan Kitchen, making it feel like home to the new comers in the region. If you try to venture in a little depth into the labyrinth of tree-lined streets, you will witness the Carlton Club, the favourite haunt for the locals for a game of pool and cheap drinks.

3. Levenshulme

Often known as the 'new Chorlton', Levenshulme is a rather new addition in the list of residential areas. Thanks to its comparatively cheaper housing prices, a majority of Manchester's so called hipsters have taken residence in the region. In lieu of the huge population shift, the place is now host to a wide number of independent eateries and restaurants, making it one of the places that your trip would not be complete without. One of the most popular cafe and bakery in the region is the Trove, known as one of the local favourites. This is the kind of place for the people who like living amidst the crowds for each Saturday morning the place seems to come to life with flocks of people in the market.

To make sure your trip to the ‘greatest city in the world’ (as dubbed by their radio stations) is a success, choose from the list of the best habitable areas above.