Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Macau

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Macau

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Macau

The “Vegas of East” as it is fondly known, Macau has been a Mecca of gambling for quite some time now due to its innumerable casinos placed at every nook and corner of the place. The island has a pleasant contrasting atmosphere with modern skyscrapers and well preserved Chinese colonial buildings, and gambling along with traditional Chinese culture. Designed in a way to engage people of every range group, it offers umpteen activities such as enjoying the House of Dancing Water show, trying some adventurous activities at Macau Tower or simply dancing at one of its crazy night clubs! With millions of tourists coming to its door every year, it has done quite well with the accommodation suiting to everyone’s needs. You can find everything in this tiny land from some of the most luxurious hotels to the small and quaint ones hidden in a corner.

So, below, we have listed below some areas housing maximum action and a vast range of properties to base yourself in. Check out the Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Macau:

1. Downtown Macau

Perhaps the most interesting and eye pleasing part of Macau, Downtown Macau is a curious mix of neon lights, gleaming skyscraper and colonial architecture and religious temples along the cobblestoned streets! Essentially, the area houses more than 25 colonial architectural gems that are worth visiting and is perfect if you want to go beyond the casinos and learn about the fascinating history of Macau. A perfect blend of western and eastern culture, Downtown Macau also offers enough opportunity to try your luck in some of the most famous and oldest casinos in the area. Therefore, it’s an ideal area to pick up some sightseeing in daytime and enjoying some of its many casinos at night. With ample number luxurious and comfortable hotels, you may find less budget-friendly options in this neighbourhood of Macau.

2. Taipa Island

An atmospheric place with a slow pace, Taipa is a great neighbourhood if you want a respite from Macau’s glitzy casinos. Once a lively fishing village, this tiny island is now considered a cultural hub of Macau with mouth watering dishes, art exhibitions, pastel covered Portuguese houses and more. The area provides a full authentic feel of Macau, catering to barely a fraction of population compared to other areas. Brimming with local Chinese shops, exotic local eateries serving some excellent Portuguese food, and museums, there is also an eclectic mix of shopping culture where you can binge at the top global brands or maybe go for Taipa’s weekly market to get some locally produced handicrafts, toys, or souvenirs. There are many strenuous activities to do in daytime such as mountain biking or hiking in the nearby hills. The area also has a Jockey Club where you can spend your time enjoying horse racing and betting. Thanks to a number of activities and cultural gems here, Taipa is preferred by those travellers whole sole aim to visit Macau is way more than just gambling. Its close proximity to the international airport also makes it a convenient spot for tourists. Plus, like most of the Macau, range of accommodations include everything from pocket friendly to bank breaking!

3. Cotai Strip

It’s a common knowledge that Macau has largely been inspired by Las Vegas, so Cotai Strip is the answer to Las Vegas Strip! Just like its counterpart, this neighbourhood in Macau houses the biggest of hotels, clubs, and casinos of the city. The casinos here are lined on a single street and showcase a lot of fun shows in between the gambling sessions. The goal of every gringo here is to enjoy these shows or maybe a poolside party while hopping between casinos. It is no surprise that most gambling across the globe is done here; Yes, more than Las Vegas itself! The casinos are connected to multiple hotels; some of them even have shopping centres inside of them, like Venetian, which has more than 300 shops in it! This area is what Macau is all about- glamour, excitement, luck and luxury, which is why Macau is so ghastly popular amongst international gamblers! With the biggest names in the hotel business situated here, there are more than enough ultra-luxurious hotels in Macau that definitely don’t come cheap, but if you are ready to break your bank, then sky is the limit here!

Macau may seem teeny but is capable enough to disturb your future finances, if you decide to lose yourself in it! So mark your territories and jump into this pool of ultimate debauchery and decadence!