Best Places to Stay in Lyon

Best Places to Stay in Lyon

Best Place to Stay in Lyon

From outstanding museums to a dynamic cultural likes, to busy clubbing and drinking scenes, Lyon has acted a magnet for people since 43 BC! Placed on a strategic spot at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône Rivers, the third largest of France does offer you with an exciting opportunity to explore the unexplored. Offering urban explorers a wealth of enticing experiences, try your hand at shopping in the city with a distinctly sophisticated air. Founded by the Russians a long while back, Lyon plays as the archetype of the heritage cities, earning it the name of a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

However, to make your trip a complete success, the best accommodation should be chosen. So to aid you with your choice here is a list of the best neighbourhoods in Lyon.

1. Presqu'île

Nestled in the heart of Lyon, Presqu'île's peripheries lie between the foot of the Croix Rousse hill and the confluence point of the Rhone and Saone River on the other side. Derived from the French word of peninsula, Presqu'île is home to a plethora of luxury shops, department stores, bank and the likes. Home of the 1st and the 2nd arrondissements of Lyon, Presqu'île is the focal point of many historic buildings, especially along the Haussmann's boulevards. So in the place of gastronomical, historic, dynamic and eclectic wealth, this is one neighbourhood you would have to book for in advance if you are flying in. Along with this, to cater to the large tourist crowd, the place is overflowing with vintage cafes, restaurants and bars. That, clubbed along with the good transportation system, makes it one of the premier choices for lodging.

2. 6th Arrondissement

Another district in the heart of Lyon, the 6th Arrondissement or the 6th district, is considered as the most elegant district. Complete with its spacious avenues, lined with the beautiful buildings and vintage private residences, it indeed is a sight to witness. However, the one thing stealing the show in the region is the Parc of theTête d’Or, a beauty of nature in confusion with the planned architecture of places. Another place of interest in the region is the Cité Internationale located at the edge of the Rhône, a very modern area designed by the brilliant mind of Renzo Piano. An elegant place to be in, 6th Arrondissement is one of the most indelible choices for both the local and the foreign visitors to take a roof.

3. The 5th arrondissement

Known to be the historical heart of Lyon, The 5th arrondissement is one place where you will witness the remnants of Roman Empire intermingled with the daily local life. A comparatively well preserved and calm place, the Fourvière neighbourhood is placed on a hill holding the same name. One of the most spectacular historical wonders in the place is the ancient theatre of Fourvière, providing you an insight in the civil life of the people of the region. Counted as a world heritage site by UNESCO, Vieux Lyon is a baby of this very region. The neighborhood is perfect for the people who want to shed the crowds and start their life anew.

Finding an accommodation is always a task and runs the risk of ruining the trip. To keep that from happening, make sure to take notes from our well-researched list!